Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ere, married etc soon

The kind Crofter is soon to be joined in matrimony to his beau Gemmima. If you don't know about The Crofter, I do wonder what planet you are on. Still, if you need to you can check it here  :-)

I shall keep you updated but first I have to find a hat. And some film to take along !

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oh spare me more !

Ah ha! Look, if I'm going to lug a lump that pretends to be a camera around the village wasting precious film, the very least you are going to do is look at the results.

Above is a gate. This one is unusual in that it looks like it's still hanging and might just open if that growing stuff was cut.

This is water running down hill. I believe someone tried to make it go the other way but it didn't happen

Friday, July 22, 2016

Tolastadh bho Thuath

That fooled you eh?
No idea what it really say to be honest but there's a sign at the beginning of the village with Tolastadh bho Thuath so guess I live there .

It's not that I don't know much about the village but, I don't really know much about the village. I'm an incomer and haven't been here more than 9 years. Someone stopped their shiny white camper van ootside the wee hoosey the other day and asked for directions to the Tolsta Caves ! "Tolsta caves" I enquired? I know there are caves at the end of the long beach - accessible when the tide is way out and called I read the Caves of Life for some reason. Suspect it's where they used to have illicit whisky stills at one time. However, the tide was in so I sent them to another little beach - Garry beach in fact. Little caves there for little people but by far the prettiest. 

This isn't the caves. It's a wee hoosey hiding behind. The post is there too. Not sure what's that's doing there but I like it all the same. The brown colour is where my finger slipped on the pooter. Sorry and all that. I'd been strolling.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sometimes a stroll round the village is enough

Even with a huge weighty Kiev 60 in my hand it's a nice way to spend a while. Especially if it's [relatively] warm about, the's a light breeze and it's dry. Yes, it does happen here. The relative warmness was offset by the relative dullness of the light.

The camera works - sometimes. The meter doesn't work of course. I had it looked at many years ago by a 'man' and it did work for a week or so but then, I figured I didn't need it anyway. The lens is wobbly in it's housing but the glass is nice and sees what I see in the main. Obviously, it's not perfect and does ruin my perfect compositions at times :-).

The strap is near exceptional. One needs a proper Soviet strap with this thing. The shear weight of the camera is enough to counterbalance a small elephant - should one be lurking about.

Dearest Eve accompanied on my stroll and waited momentarily while I snapped here and there. And other places too as it happens.

I might have to see the osteopath now !

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Over camera'd

The pile of non or part working cameras in the cupboard is growing. I have the propensity to feel I need to check that they don't work from time to time. You know, I can't really face chucking them in the bin till they just are in bits and can't be sorted by gaffertape and, I never can remember which is working.

I took out the Zorki6 the other day loaded with, it turns out, 320 Foma retropan. Only, for some reason I didn't clock that fact and shot it at 200 - in bright sun on the day of Summer 2016 in the Western Isles.

Developed it in Retro Special developer and noticed I have some interesting and annoying scratches all down the film. That might account for the stiffness of the film whilst winding on. Duh! Hope it's the cassette or something. Still quite like that great lump of metal that passes for a camera.
Anyway, along with the scratches here's the neg. One of them anyway. The scratches could almost be part of the building. Yes, that's it!

Rather like that shadow. Surprisingly I think Stornoway is one of or the most spied upon town in the UK. Or something like that anyway. there are 13 cctv cameras! yes, thirteen.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Took a 4x5 snap

Mr Toots lent me [one of ] his 4x5 and i used the plate holder I have to shoot a n Ilford 4x5 glass plate or two. Why not? They can't be more than 50 years out of date.

Developed in PQ and printed onto Polywarmtone and toned in Sepia you get this; or something like it since I put the border on in the pooter. Nice though. Of course it's nice, it's Eve.

and here's another print. same paper, different toning. No ps