Saturday, October 22, 2016

The place is mad

The sun has been shining and there is no wind. Stormoway is wall to wall tartan and whisky as the Mod takes place. There's more cameraists around the place than you can shake a salty stick at, long lens' and over-pixelled boxes on three legged sticks - and then they all take the same snap!

Friday, October 21, 2016


We took the ferry. Although when I say The Ferry I really mean a ferry since The Ferry was being mended after getting stuck in 2 nd gear and the handbrake not working then crashing into rocks and a few pontoons the other day in Lochmaddy. We don't often go this way these days either as the ferry from Stormoway is newer and nearer home.

I snapped up the old Clansman anyway onto Polypan-f film using some old rangefinder I had about my person.  Oooh, I rather like the effect here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I'm getting ready to cheat

Now, don't you get telling that Toots fella but my Perkeo I took on me hols stopped working again. Only shot off two shots before the double exposure preventer jammed. So there I was, bobbing around on the boat on Loch Ness, keeping a wary eye for the monster with nere a square format camera to play with. And, seeing I'd made a pact with that Tootsie to shoot some shots paying homage to Kenna - as he would do at his gaff in Spainland - I was stuffed.

I did have a little Ricoh 500g that almost worked properly with me - and an old Konica Point and shoot camera so I used those. Will edit them square and everything. I won't tell if you don't.

Here's the first I just developed and everything in Rodinal. Foma200 if you please.

Loch Ness. Or Loch Lochy possibly. Tis a Loch from a boat anyway

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Yes, we have been away

Not to anywhere warm or anything. Not warm like this snap in Gaiole / Italia . No, over the Minch on the Caledonian Canal on a boat.
Sailing, that sort of thing anyway.

Big up to Photographist Roderick Downes of Elgol, Skye. Apparently, Roderick actually reads this stuff - for which many thanks. He's snapping away there on the lovely Skye and introduced himself when he thought he recognized us when we visited the other day. How about that? Knew who we were from the blog. Great stuff Roderick. Do post a link to your work Rod.

And HHHCB is now back at home after a weeks meditation in Catditz.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Before we were saved

I used to have a KOWA Six camera - quite a bulky and sadly fragile affair but with the most cuttingly sharp lens. I sold the thing as it was beginning to give me trouble . I took some quite nice snaps with it - mostly before we came up to the island and the peace and quiet.

This one above is one of them. Know where it is? No? Namur, that's where. Or near there anyway. Probably. Can't for the life me remember why we were there though.

Yes, yes, we are home now after a week away sailing. Lovely weather we had too - apart from a lack of wind most of the time. And will not have many snaps to show as the Perkeo I took jammed. So just a few P&S snaps to come :-(