Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walking with Toots

I took it upon myself to encourage Toots to leave the confines of his beach opposite his house and come to one of 'our' beaches. Only, we spent most of the time taking a portrait of the Bridge here on the 'Road to Nowhere much'.  looking out over Garry beach. It's an early concrete bridge built under the auspices of Lord Leverhulme by local men in the main. The road to Ness was never finished, it is said because of the locals having a disagreement about land with the Lord. However, it is a nice stroll for a mile or two along the coast on a track to a fine bog at the other end. Traverse this bog and you too could walk to Ness. By why you ask? I have no answer.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Acid rain over Penguin Mountain

Made this Sunday morning thinking about dearest Eve as she was out cycling in the drizzle that was. And no, I didn't have bad dreams in the night, I just 'realised' this image as it were. Love this process as the images make more sense to my warped mind than most others.

Of course you need to have the details;
Penguin Mountain - imagination
Acid rain - bleach/sepia
PQ developer
Tetenal  fix
Shower gel
Agfa RC paper.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Yes it's Foma retro 320 film again - shot at 640. A suitably retro but effective iconic island bus shelter poses. Again.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Polypan again

The sun shone the other day. Bit of a shock as it happens though the warmth of the day didn't really match the brightness. Our proposed expedition in the wee boatee didn't materialise as neither Eve or I could face the cutting wind. But we did take a cool stroll on the beach at Gress on the way back from Stormoway and the boat.

Of course I had a camera with me. Who do you think I am? The Zenit 11 given to me by Alex Boyd was loaded with some of the Polypan-f film I have. I like it . It's cheap. The stuff has no anti-halation layer and it is very thin. But it is cheap. Have I told you that?

Despite a light leak on some frames, overly aggressive flare on the lens and freezing hands, these snaps are really ordinary.