Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We don't get many visitors. Maybe it's because we have a very small house. Or there's too many snaps hanging around the place or something. But when visitors do turn up it is rather lovely.

We had a visitation from Villager of the the year 2013 - or it might have been Villager of the week, Anyway, Mrs Up Yours called in for a chin wag which was grand. Dot came and met GZ and Vic who are up from Ayrshire for  a week or so. How's that then ? Eh?

No, this is not GZ and Victor rather it's Gemma, William and Ben who also came on a very welcome visitation to the gaff the other day - all the way from Cromor. I notice here that Ben seems more than a little concerned about Gemma's marine-broomstick. Well, it worked!

See, we were down here towards the beach. Sand down there, a fantastic landscape that never ceases to amaze me up here!

Then we met the nice Mr Four Tractors just checking we are not pinching the village's beach or, flying round on a broomstick. Gemma wasn't, it was a marine broomstick after all.

Thanks everso for looking here in 2014. I shall be back in 2014 with some more masterpieces and lots of snaps. Plus some accompanying drivel.

I wish you all the very best for the year ahead.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013

Please tell me this has all the looks of a masterpiece - just need a while in the darkroom to make it so.

I don't really care if I'm honest. I love this image. At least I do at the moment - hot out of the developing tank having taken it this morning. At least I did have this camera out this morning and snapped a few up but of course this might have been one of  the ones I took the other day. Which is a pity because I thought it was the low air-pressure we have that helped the image making today.

Look at the movement, the love and the , the something else that I cannot put my finger on yet. I think it might also be because I was interested to read about the Unitarian Universalist Group on the pooter which seems to have a great deal going for it. Interesting. Not that I'm going to join. I don't join groups of that type - whoever they are although I am very happy they are there.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Birds

Yes, yes, it's a big flappy bird thing lurking about the harbour in the town. It lives here apparently. Why it doesn't work I have no idea but that's life I suppose. 

The only camera I had with me was the P&S Pentax Espio 170sl. Sounds impressive but I acquired it for a song - a short one. And possibly an out of tune one, and only the first verse as I can never remember beyond that. Not even the most well-known song. For example when we, Eve & I that is, appeared on the The Guinea Pigs' kitchen song vid, I chose the song. But I still couldn't sing - or howl to be exact, without the wordage on a page with the proper marks all over it to look at. [hidden behind a copy of Mr Hutchinson's fine book, The Hour - in which yours truly appears not too darkly written].

For another example, I love the song "Babes in the wood", you may know the one, a version by Tim van Eyken perhaps. Nice innit? Eh? I must have listen to that song a hundred times but can I get through the whole lyric without a prompt? Er, no.

Anyway, I have this little camera, some film and some flappy things around the pllace. The former snaps up the latter. Then I go home and, finding the film had not rewound itself as it's supposed to do, exposed the film to some light when I had a look. I mean, I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened that way. As it does. Thinking that the film would probs be ruined and everything I decided to do a guesstimate development in print developer - because I have lots of that and it's quick and will put me out of my misery soonish. Only the snaps were ok!


See some more here

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

STEP AWAY FROM THOSE CHOCS !!! It's too early in the day.

Adults Eh?

Doesn't matter what day it is to you, it's still too early.

And the mince pies! Wait!!!!! Eh? Have you taken a photo yet?

No? Well, go and get you camera and take one. Then reward yourself by making early morning tea for everyone.

Relax; be nice to others. Shopping is all over for a day or two.

Have a grand day you.

Oh, and while I think of it, thanks everso for all the comments you post over the year. Just as I'm never sure what I'm writing about - even when I've written it, I'm not always aware what the comments mean either - but I do love reading them!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Camera 1. Voigtlander Perkeo

You may have noticed that I have been using the Voigtlander Perkeo for a lot of snaps recently. I like it. That's why I use it. What did you expect? A review?

This particular item came into my hands from a very kind gentleman in the USA who thought I needed a better camera than I was using - a few years back now. He knows who he is but prefers me not to tell. But thanks everso Sir, it is a lovely thing that is lovely to use.

Piss-poor snap taken with the Perkeo some years back.

These slim little cameras come with a variety of lens, mine is nice - glass and everything. You screw it in and out to get focus which, should you wish it to be and I don't usually at the mo, can be tack sharp. Only I'm having fun with de-focused shots. And longer exposures and all that. As I said before, I like it that way. You can see a selection of my Perkeo shots here should you have nothing to do and have a free hand to dip into the choci box while you are looking here. Dark choci box that is. We have chocs from the Choc Tasting Club - that's mainly for snobby people so won't bother you I should imagine :-).

You can change the speeds of the shutter too - from fastish to hold-it-down-as-long-as-you-like as long as it doesn't make the film go completely black after development - which has been known. To obviate this potential problem I use a thing known as a light-meter. That's how up-market I am. You won't catch me using an automatic camera. Oh no, I like to have full if un-knowledgeable control over things.  My lightmeter has got a button or two on it to change the numbers it shows. Don't ask me why they change, something to do with the little knobs on the camera I should imagine, but I look very professional using it even if the film still goes black. Come to think of it I must read a book about that sort of thing one day.

I also have another twiddly thing on the top of the camera - that falls off from time to time. When I can find it, it's meant to aid finding the focal distance. That's a technical term which needn't bother you. it doesn't me anyway. Looks fab on the top of the camera though. I can't see through the thing very well - unless I put it in a warm pocket for a while and then, no doubt, the moment has gone. Trust me, Guess. It works for me - see here anyway. A masterpiece now reprinted half a dozen times and toned variously in ghastly chemicals and, what for it - coffee.

Monday, December 23, 2013

For everyone

But especially for anyone on their own at this time of year and would prefer not to be.

This one is especially for YOU. We are with you in spirit.

A special mention to M&M down under too :-) Thank you for your kind comments. I do hope life is treating you well .

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dude Muse

Here he is, my Dude Muse. Toots Wilson to you and now winging his way to warmer climes for a few days with his Mrs. 

I am not in love with him but he does seem to exist filling the right [amount of] space at the right time when I have my camera at the ready. He constantly barks at my "wasting film", but if I didn't, I wouldn't have these snaps to show you now would I?

Maybe he is using up a little bit more of allocated space than he perhaps should - due in part to Tunnocks Dark Choc Tea Cakes - note the horizon of the beach sinking to the left eh? And partly due to the tea cakes I ate too :-( Oh well, it is that time of year isn't it?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

They have been digging around the village. I mean, not around it, not creating a moat so that the local councillors can add a duck shed but a whole hole to put new sewerage pipes in. They dug it down there and they dug it up there too but as yet the two parts do not meet. I rather hope that changes soon otherwise it might cause a few issues!

See, those there digger things and an up-market argocat type affair that The Crofter has been lusting over on account of it's ability to move without disappearing up to its oxters in wet ground. Makes hole digging a lot easier. But the weather has been against these fine workers. Not one chance to lean on their shovels and suck through their teeth [as they do in Engerland] without the lashing rain and howling wind freezing them to death.

I knew the ground was very wet after falling face first into a ditch whilst snapping up a flapping polyless tunnel. The ground gave way under my boot and down I went. The muscles and bones are a tad sore now!

Hopefully I shall be back to full steam in the morn so I can wish you all the best for whatever this time of year means to you. Until then, toodle doo.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Flexing a Mamiya

Mr Toots lent me this Mamiya box thing. It's a Mamiyaflex of a certain age - the early 1950s. Knobs and what have you all over the place. More twiddly bits than, than,,, than there should be. I've not got the hang of it. That's the truth if truth ever existed. The roll of film within went through without stopping the first time. I re-rolled the thing then tried again and got a few over-lapping shots. I shall try again soon.

As for the developing,,, lets not go there. It does rather look like the Feng Shui needs to be sorted in the darkroom as there are lines, scratches and blobs all over the neg - and I'm not sure they are meant to be there.

I noticed there seems to be up-coming Festivities around the island. Perhaps it's the same where you are; if so have a lovely time and best wishes to all of you whatever your beliefs, creeds or orientations are. Thank you so much for visiting here. It's been my pleasure.

I make no apology - except for this time. And possibly the next.

Of course it's Toots. He kindly took me back to Tong to get the village shoppe horseless carriage that was having it's wheels re-welted or something like that. It necessitated a lift on the uppy thing anyway [for the van!] so the nice mechanic-fella could fiddle underneath. And no I don't have a snap of it since it was snowing at the time and I forgot! Yes, forgot.

And yes it is another snap of Toots - this tyme looking rather happy. For him. Which isn't surprising since he'd had a fine shopping trippette and is off to warmer climes and his other gaff soon. Taking his Isolette and some film too to complete a short project that may grace this place sometime in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, we are awaiting another storm. A continuation of the last one almost since it has been a tad draughty for weeks it seems. Even took off part of the village school roof last night and, kept me awake for hours as the house shook to its unsubstantial foundations. HHHCB is rather dis-chuffed about it all I can tell you although she liked the light coating of white stuff on the ground this morning. And no, Nigella had not been round.

Apologies anyway. I dunked some asa 5 film I'd shot at 100asa in MG developer with the resulting clear strip of film. That's why you get this one. Sorry and all that.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Apparently, it's going to rain, and blow and snow.

On the 25th too. 75mph gusts that day! According to the weather tinternet site of choice that is. Yes, here. On the island and everything. The winds's howling as I write, HHHCB is hiding from the noise refusing to go out and the fire is burning brightly as the roof tiles flap about and the walls rattle.

See how the wind was earlier today - as it blew me all over the place. Makes the snap look proper nice.

Told you it was Windy.

And don't forget the check out Mr Banting.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I have made plans. I may not stick to them but I do have plans for things.

I'm probs going to up-make a calendar with a few friends over at FILMWASTERS. The sort of calendar that commences on April 1st that is. It should have lots of lovely snaps in it too - from Filmwasters contributors and everything. Keep looking here and over at Filmwasters for more details - as it progresses.

And I'm doing a collab project with Toots Wilson. Looking at the sameness between here and the coast of Spain - or something like that. On film and everything. Mr Toots is doing the Spanish bit on account of his gaff there and a forthcoming visitation. If he gets out of the bar that is :-)

I might include this snap. Not too much blurriness to up-fed Mr Toots and all.

And I have other things to do. Like run a class on alternative photo techniques - on the island here! Where else?

And drink a Gin. I might drink a gin or two. I might.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Trellis talk

Mr Trellis has a new bloggette. I think you will like it. I do.

So that's alright then.

Totally unrelated crappy shot. by Me


We were there, the last sesh of year. A bit of chiGong with our master Walter. Me ChiGonging and snapping with the Perkeo. Can you imagine?

Of course, I forgot the lightmeter so I guessed the light - badly.

Then I compounded the situation by developing it in PQ print developer. Eh? I like it.

I like Walter too. Takes a great sesh. So chilled out afterwards - and moving well too.

No it was not just I and Walter there were others too. But Walter was The One.

I'm rather liking this stuff - even though I say it myself. Wouldn't want too many peeps liking it as I would have to change my style. Nothing quite like guessing exposure, focus and development for getting a nice series of snaps eh?

And no, I'm not taking commissions.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Edge - with Mr Toots

Blimin heck! Talk about hard work!

[the next bit has been edited - by me!.]

 I have almost a complete project now. I shall call it Homage to THE EDGE :-)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Was this the Cadogan Hotel?

This should have been at the Cadogan Hotel, only it wasn't. It should have been Oscar Wilde but it wasn't. Pity really.

It was Toots in An Lanntair. :-)

Thursday, December 12, 2013


It's a print. That's why the edges are bent - twas like that when I snapped it up with the phone. I like it that way.

I should go on a retreat. You know the sort of thing; sit around humming mantras, breath one's watching and doing nothing but finding oneself - and I really need to do that. I've long fancied this place, I just love meditation and all that. But then Eve, my dear civil wifey tells me a trip to Japan might be nice. Japan! Eh? Now, we do have a few friends there and all that but what's wrong with Blackpool?  Just about everything as it happens. So, been looking at the interweb thing and found this. Nice eh? Sort of ticks a few boxes at once. 

What a great idea, then we can visit here too. I might even be persuaded to shop there.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This one is not a print - although I have done one - only it's easier to show the neg-scan

Too sharp for me. You can see what it is and everything. Must have made a mistake.

I hate shopping of any kind so at least it gave me something to do while dearest Eve filled our hand-basket with fruit and veg while seemingly the rest of the shoppe visitors filled theirs with ready-meals and biscuits! Possibly.

[I was sneaking a biscuit in our basket too - or trying to ]

He was there

See, that fella-me-lad Windy was there, sat sitting waiting for his tea to go cold while I shot this here camera at him with some fine Chinese film. And everything. He's only just there now. That's what happens when Mr Windy sits in front of the camera. I think his camera spirit goes walkabout or something. He's ok though. I've checked.

Came blinking out of the darkish room yesterday after a short sojourn in the glow of a red light to find it was darker outside - at 3pm! Could have done the enlarging bit in the road. Would be better air a least. Although is was blowing a minor hoolie - a hoolette - out there so might have played havoc with the paper. Probably wouldn't have made a jot of difference really. See, this masterpiece I made - onto Forte RC cooltone paper toned in Sepa and shot here with the phone thing. Obviously, it makes the print look better than it really is. Eh?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I did tell you

The Perkeo has been in action. I took it out with some GP3 film and shot the ever increasing pre-consumption buying in Stornoway. You'd have thought there was no more food in the world. Little thought of those who produce the stuff, transport the stuff only for most of it to be thrown away it seems. Despite that Scottish peoples eat less fresh food than the English so I hear on the radio.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Sunday, December 08, 2013

B U R P Event - - Thank you Mr Banting

Complete and utter mess-up of the dodgy kind on my part. I set this up to post today - without finishing the post then promptly forgot about it! Sorry and all that. I have now added the entries - although Mr Coelyne who promised faithfully to send one in has yet to oblige!

By Andy 'Trellis' Forbes. Filmus Monochromus The Blog | Project Double-X

So, the first image is by that Mr Trellis fella. I rather like it. Having said that you can almost see what it is and the grain is somewhat hidden - lacking in grunge [no idea what grunge is to be honest but it sounds right!]. A fine entry all the same. Down-graded because he had an earlier showing due to the pre-publication posting. I know that's my mistake but who is writing the rules round here anyway?

The next one wasn't entered. But nicked the image off Franco's site as I'm sure he would have entered if he spoke English :-). Taken with a Lomo LCA and the great Polypan-50 film. Love this image to be honest. I mean, what is there not to like? Eh? And those doggies eh? Did I not mention there should be doggies in the snap? Oh bad luck the rest of you.

Selfie - John Banting. http://unknownphotos.blogspot.co.uk/

Mr Banting went above and beyond writing a text to got with his snap!

"Alright, so it's not as easy as it looks.  

I thought I'd have a bit of a play around for a few minutes and make a 
blurry image for the Boxes & Bellows blurrtastic readers compilation. 

That's when I found the fine line between rubbish and an image. 

Then, as instructed, I took a click over to look at the Igor Posner site, 
and unfortunately I can see that I stayed on the wrong side of this line. 

However, the attached are my submissions for the Blurred Unfocussed Recycled 
Photograph 2013 event. (It needs an acronym). 


I should be disqualified immediately because no film was exposed in the 
making of these images, and something somewhere is probably in focus, and 
they spent a bit of time in Photoshop getting ready for you.

Well, there you are; obviously Mr Banting didn't listen at secretarial college as his line spacing is all over the place! Have you no idea? eh? Added to that Mr Banting sent TWO snaps - completely outside the rules. Obviously trying too hard - especially seeing it was a 'selfie' [wash my mouth out with soap and water for saying that] too. I'll get back to you Sir.

Portrait of Fred - by Keith Thompson

Ha, ha!. Now that's an interesting snap. I'm supposing it's not a 'selfie [wash my..... etc] although not having met the fella I wouldn't know. I seem to recall a beard being involved - but then my memory is not what it was. And I may not have seen a snap of Mr Keith anyway. I might have dreamt him - and if I did this is probably a good likeness.  Anyway, not a doggie in sight! Nice entry though Mr Keith - and if I could remember your website of capitalist massaging or whatever it is, I'd have linked it. In fact, if you could send it, I will.

Man with doggie - Mr Windy http://windywandering.blogspot.co.uk/

Oh well done Mr Windy, you seem to have embraced the doggie theme very well - in the title. Not a sign of dog-blurr in the snap though. Did you take this in Stornoway since it is a bit dark ? I did not say darkness was a prerequisite to be honest. Did I not tell you that? Serves you right for missing lunch the other day. Albeit that missing lunch with me was my or rather Toot's fault anyway. And your image seems to have infected this post with centring of the text which I cannot remove. Obviously that's a mark against it. 

Ok, now the difficult bit; the judging. I shall be showing these entries later to both Lord Wiesmier, Pirate of this parish and HHHCB. If Lord Wiesmier ignores the snap and HHHCB sits on it, you have won. I get the casting vote. Transparent voting eh? Re-visit soon - and thanks for all the dubious entries. :-)

Friday, December 06, 2013

Don't you just love a Trellis?

See this? This that up there, the snap and everything! Like it? I mean, DO YOU LIKE IT? 

I like it although I have been less inclined than I might to show it in case you did liked it too much. Mr Andy of the Trellis type recently pointed out the fine work of Igor Posner whose work is fab. I mean, just fab. Really fab. I mean, I like it a lot so thought I'd show you these of mine. Please don't like them too much otherwise I won't feel able to show this type of image again.

But that Igor fella Wow! Go and have a look and then look at Mr Trellis type person's web-presence here and then come back for more, more ... stuff.

Ok, here's an Igor image to be going on with;

Copyright - Igor Posner

Many thanks to Andy 'Trellis' Forbes for this.

More byke and again with essence of silver.

See, I do print from tyme to tyme. Got carried away with the 5 filter as I rather like the effect. Cropped 6x6 neg that had been over-developed. Isn't that the way to do it?

Of course I have been mesmerised with the work of  Daido Moriyama who used his point and shoot film cameras to good effect. And I just love Michael Ackerman's work too. If these fellas can use contrast to good effect, I can try can't I?

Granted I haven't got the style, the composition, the subject matter or the skill, but I do have the contrast.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Look, I found a snap of a bike I have

See, a proper bike and everything. Taken with a proper camera - Voigtlander Perkeo on crappy film - GP3.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Back in the day

I used to be a racing cyclist. Back some time - before I got tired and everything. Both my parents were racing cyclists too and Eve my dear partner was as well. As it happens, I can't  find any snaps of my time with bikes - although i might be able to drag one out from the 9 years I worked as  coach at the Manchester Velodrome. I say might.

One thing that sticks in my mind was my bikes. There's a few in the loft as I write; A lovely green Argos made with very light Ishiwata tubing - that was kindly given to me by Mr Wilman. In fact over the years I had several Argos frames - I still have my last road bike that Arthur made for me when the one before that - built by Mark Edwards - snapped. Twice. :-) The latter frame has lasted - well, a few years.

Not any of these bikes I mention but Eve on her Winter.

I've had a Witcomb track bike too. And a lovely TJ cycles flying gate track bike - the linked snap is actually my old bike now in a museum or something :-)

I also rode frames by Clive Stuart, Carlton flyer track - swoped a ladies bike I had for it at Sawyers Cycles in Chippenham. A Hetchins curly road frame, a large Rotrax road bike, an Allin track and road frame. An Edison track bike. Oh, and there are two 'Racelite' track frames in the loft - Eve and mine last track bikes - from the now gone Bike shop in Bath

And yes the print in grainy. And blurry. I like it that way :-)

With the Fujica

Our now sadly missed island exile Mrs Coelyne now residing comfortably down near some forsaken place in Engerland kindly gave me this camera. It's nice, if a little bulky. But it takes nice snap if you point it in the right direction. And twiddle the knob things correctly. I just carry the thing around and snap snap at random. Bound to get something right one day.

Eve and I were out Keose way when we came across these shrine-like objet-d'art to Jonathan Meades . Pure Hebridean.


Eve cycled away. From the place where I stood, camera in hand. I stood here, camera still in hand but I took a chance, placed it to my eye and snipped a snap.

The other day, some time back, way before time was like it is today someone asked me what I did to promote myself. I don't. You may have noticed that. The answer is; [and here you need a notepad or a piece of paper and something to make a mark on it] when you have found something of a style, a way of expressing yourself that pleases other people, change. Immediately. Change to what pleases you.

There, I have said it.

Monday, December 02, 2013

I got carried away


Got carried away with the old Keiv60/6c or whatever the model is. 'It' hasn't been working properly for ages so I took it out with some cheap Chinese film inside to create a bit of grunge. Eve rode off on her bicycle in the still and warmish [for the time of year] air and I stood standing pointing the weighty brute that is the Kiev at this. Snip snap - all in low light and everything. The Brute still works. Not much grunge at all - bar the bits of sweet and sour in the film emulsion- apart from that.

Guessed the development with some re-used ID11 and came up with this. Nearly this anyway, as I added the darker bit with the pooter thing. I might do that in the darkroom too - and slosh it in lith. I might.

Up here it was. Just down the road about a bit-ish from Stornoway on the east side. The Wild East I think.