Monday, November 29, 2010


No wicker

I'm always reading that this or that camera is better than the other. There's new imaging devices out there that mimic cross-processed film at the push of a button and they are tiny - or huge - like the DSLR's you see people hawking around with a huge great lens hanging off the front.
I don't have electronic cameras just film ones and this one I like very much. It's is small and simple, takes medium format film yet folds up and fits in my pocket or bag. And it was given to me by a kind American gent.
I took it out for a spin the other day and came back with these two among other images.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


It's cold here - but I think its cold all over Europe so really shouldn't complain. The fire is burning brightly and keeping us cosy and there's a glass of something golden by my side that I shall sip when I come of shift for work.
I took a snap today - getting the asa wrong and overdeveloping as well. Still, the image is nice I think. Its out behind the village here.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tis 'orrible

Tis 'orrible out there at the moment. Wet, cold and very windy. The old Tub MV Muirnag has not ventured which is no surprise at all but neither has the MV Isle of Lewis ferry gone out this afternoon.
This morning the village was coated with hailstones that had thrown themselves from the sky early doors - just before I took the community shop van into town for the papers - which didn't arrive. The plane didn't leave where-ever it was coming from! Still, this only takes the village back to where it was before the planes started bringing the papers over anyway so not much of a loss. Although I do rather miss the Guardian - I shall just read it on-line now.

This was the scene on the stroll back home for the shop this morning. Not half as bad as the mainland.

Monday, November 22, 2010


We are experiencing some wonderful weather at the moment. Today the sun was shining and the air warm. The Crofter was taking sheep from there and putting over here [pointing uselessly] with the help from his parents.
I on the other hand was walking up there [looking to my left ] to the old peat tracks along with a plastic panoramic toycamera. Couldn't resist snapping here and there despite the fact the the snaps will be blurred and less than ideal in some peoples' eyes. As I got home as the sun was dipping down, I threw the film in some developer and got these;

Friday, November 19, 2010


Sam takes a stroll
A wall
Another wall

We took a walk the other weekend - as you do. Paid our respects at the grave of the very brave Linda Norgrove in Ardroil then took off across the dunes to the beach. Such a wonderful place. Miles of sea, sand dunes and mountains a nere a person to be seen all day. The walls on this island always amaze me. The hours they must have taken to build in the first place and the incredible routes they take. My favourite wall is on the isle of Great Bernera - but I have not come across that snap yet so these will have to do.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My chum

Roy is always game for a snap. Well, he doesn't mind when I take pictures when I call in for a cuppa anyway. The light in his residence is grand and Ziggy the doggie always is interesting.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


If you like Scotland and you like cycling, check this out

BTW; today [Wednesday] there's an exhibition about the proposed Lewis wind farm in Stornoway - free biscuits and tea too. I don't like having turbines here but if we don't do something about emissions soon there will be no habitat and no fauna to save!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A grand day out

Visitor Victor in North Tolsta
On Bosta
The sun was out, we had a visitor up from t'mainland so it seemed a day out was in order. Time we got out of bed, we only had the necessary daylight to see Bosta in all it's beauty. So there we were, bathing in the winter-ish light, looking at the Iron-age house reconstruction, looking but not hearing the bell in the sea and seeing a Gold Eagle flying over checking us out to see if we expired on the beach. Twas lovely.
On the way back over the moor the light was tremendous - a wonderful purple-ish glow.

I took some snaps - with this new to me fil ; rollei Retro 400s. I like it

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sam and I

Being a top-quality cheap-skate, I acquired some Rollei-Retro 400s film that only cost three shillings twopence ha-penny a roll or something equivalent to that. Probably.
The film originated as Aviphot 400 made for spying on us all I should imaginet. Now the spying is done digitally - no doubt GCHQ will be reading this before I post it - the film has been confectioned as 35mm film that fits snugly in my collection of slr's and rangefinders. This sunny day - not today since most of the day it has rained, although it started well with a wonderful sun-rise over the mainland mountains. Anyway, this sunny day recently well, fairly recently, I took Sam who was staying for a few days on a sort of holiday or maybe punishment, out on the beach dunes for a stroll where I took the snap with the OM10.
Today, while the rain poured, I dropped the film into some rodinal - roughly 50:1 - about 20C and after shaking it around a bit left it while I got on with life. I did agitate the developing tank periodically during the next 30mins [by shouting "Digital"- loudly] and then, once fixed found I had some images. This was one of them.
So, been busy doing nothing much. But I felt the need to shoot a glass-plate or two. This is a snap of Victor defending his ears against our music! Ah well, I like the music anyway. The print is a cyanotype toned with green tea.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


LAst week I shot a couple of Ilford 4x5 glass plates and developed them in Rodinal 1:100 - as you do. They are a but overcooked as it happens but I think i'm going to get a decent cyanotype for them. this is one from the first batch - bleached in weak washing soda and toned in mate' tea.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

the beach

Since there's a few beaches here abouts, and there's always a dog willing to come for a walk with me, I go along them quite often - although not as often as Tecwyne who walks the length of Traigh Mhor and back along the road twice a day. Yes, twice!
Anyway, I usually take a camera to catch the mood of the day. And here's two from a recent bright day on Traigh Mhor with the OM10. Printed on Ilford MG-rc for goodness sakes! And toned.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Darkroom again

The Crofter, yes im of the Grazing Committee, chairman of the Community shop.

Despite the ventilation not being sorted in the darkroom yet, I ventured in for a spot of printing since I had some nice negs that wouldn't wait. Soon, a local electrician will re-wire the darkroom in prep for the ventilation system - to go with the three story vertical extension that I have planned [in my dreams!].
Anyway, since I'd been taking a few portraits with the old Kowa 6 camera, I'd got some nice negs to work with and after a quick expose' onto some ForteCooltone RC paper I got some prints. Here's one. Tis of the Crofter prior to him venturing out into the weather! I shall pay a visit later on to see if he can wade through the mud that is his 'lawn' to get to the piggies!

I'm listening to 'Late Junction' with Max Reinhardt on the BBC iPlayer at the moment. A brilliant if eclectic mix of music to feast your ears on. Do give it a try. Radio3 at 11.15pm

Monday, November 01, 2010


Stephan checking he hasn't been caught eating more cake.
I got along to a birthday party the other day - only there was no jelly and ice-cream, no pass the parcel and no other games either. Still, I did enjoy myself even if I did miss most of it due having to work that evening. Such is life.
Happy birthday Stephan.