Thursday, November 30, 2017

More visitors

Not sure these youngsters enjoyed the flash boucing off their shiney little faces. Still, they stayed for a while and exchanged pleasantaries. Oh how we enjoy their company.

I notice that a chap who has a gaff on the island - Crobeg actually - has been given a peerage. Read it on the royal news blog, obviously.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A visitor

She hasn't visited this week but I caught her likeness last week using a bit of flash on the espio mini. The foma400 film was then developed in PQ universal. I'm trying to obtain an interesting effect - and it's not working

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Light and bright

Twas a light sunny day yesterday when I tootled into toon to see Toots in An Lanntair, take the air and what have you. I wasn't feeling my best to be honest so I was very pleased to be able to enjoy the bright sunshine that invaded the place.

I retired to bed soon after.

Monday, November 27, 2017

It's coming

Feels like it anyway. The fire is lit, the chestnuts roasting on the Rayburn and the cat whinging by her food dish. Winter must be here.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Guilty as charged

I haven't actually been charged with anything I'll have you know but the good tub Freyja is waiting patiently for us to give her a good scrub. The green stuff is slowly growing in her and we haven't had the mind or the energy to go and sort her. I feel rather guilty I must say. Must sort it soon as would love to sail over The Festival of Conspicuous Over-Consumption.

On another watery note, I managed to flood the darkroom last night so I'm hoping not to have trench foot at the end of today .

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Kosmo Foto

Have you heard of Kosmo Foto yet? I hadn't until recently as it was called Zorki foto but the Ruskies objected apparently. Now the site is marketing some B&W film under their own name - and being a bit of a film tart I'd thought I'd give a whirl.

Since the day dawned a tad whitish I armed myself with a lightmeter as well as the OM1n. See here if you want the reason. And since you ask, yes the snaps came out ok. I'd developed this film in the ubiquitous Rodinal 1:100 for an hour as I didn't have any proper times to go by. Works fine for me.

The kids must have had the day off school the other day - something to do with Thanksgiving - either that or my neighbours have not been to work and built a nice snow person to grace the lawn.

The darkroom - post minor flooding had been my hole for a couple of hours this day and I blundered out into the almost light of the snowing day to find the Crofter and his family running round after sheeps in the croft. I shot over and snapped them up.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Mr & Mrs Hales. Post marriage ceremony.

A wonderful day for two lovely people.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Going back

Reminds me of a snap I took here before I moved here.
Hey ho, backwards we go

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Dr

Leefi [!]
Wish she would come to the island to work.
She's a Dr of healthiness
A proper sporti Dr.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

The sea

The sea is a tad wild at the moment. Movement of the air etc.

I have been in the darkroom.
I may show you stuff one day

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I admit it

Yes, I'll admit that thye weather has been less than idea these last few days. Yesterday morning was nice - cool but dry but by the afternoon it was horrible.
I hid in the darkroom.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ooof, what lovely peeps

Beware, they are still on the island and they will find you.
They smile a lot, run and surf. And have two dogs.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Been looking all over

Lost this neg and its compatriots for ages. Even accused my pal of having it but then, this morning it turned up on the table  - under a pile of 'filed' prints. Lovely. Must get in the darkroom with it!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

I know it is!

Yes, a portrait of a place again. I know, I wasn't going to do these and then I have., Sorry and all that, not sure what came over me really.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Lost legs

Hounded in Stormoway his feet stayed stuck to the ground.

I lithed this onto Forte Cooltone RC

Thursday, November 09, 2017

The one I imagined I would take

No idea why I'd imagined taking this but as it happens, I was right. Here it is. Stormoway in an nutshell.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Boy Shaun

Oooh, look who it is, The Boy Shaun. Now, let me bring you up to speed. Sometime back when young Shaun lived in this ere village place just down the road and everything and from time to time could be seen shoveling s  s   stuff from here to there. For The Crofter you understand, not just for the sake of it. how lovely he did it too.

Then I was out the other day de-Mentor Artisan myself with camera and film when I thought to myself, that looks like The Boy Shaun to me. And it was, with the parentals. Off to to feed the ducks possibly.
How lovely it was to see him again.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

One that I thought about. In my sleep.

The mentor Artisan had a talk the other night and I couldn't go to it. Work and everything. One has to earn a crust you know. I mean, don't imagine I earn anything at this masterpiece making work. Ha, ha, ho ,ho . The thought of that. Mmmm, oh perhaps it might be nice.

Anyway, I produced the beginnings of a masterpiece. Just need to slosh it in lith developer and what have you I think.

Monday, November 06, 2017

One that I thought about doing earlier, but didn't

Been told by my mentor artisan person to get on with things. I have an exhibition to make for two venues apparently - although goodness knows how that happened. So the polypan-f was rolled and inserted where the sun don't shine that often [the camera] and I was off.

Ooof, was worth it oo. Might not tell the irritant that though since he might not meet Eve and I for lunch again.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

One I did earlier last week

No it wasn't as grey as that since you mention it. I snapped up the print with the phone last night, the cat HHHCB was sitting next to it on the window sill while it was raining outside and I didn't want to bother her [for a change].

Might be for the cludgy wall me thinks :-)

Friday, November 03, 2017

Such a Brick

Just in case you are not up to speed on the English ways, to say Ms Brick is a Brick suggests she is generous, helpful and reliable. Which I can tell you she is, and kind and lovely. There I have said it.

Caroline, for that is she, works at the island Museum. To be honest, this snap does not do her justice.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Getting there

Last week's Composer of the week was Bellini. Didn't know I liked that so much but been listening to the playitagainSam thing a lot.

Meanwhile, as the ideas for more real prints for hanging sort of thing fester in my minds eye, Eve and I took of for a wee stroll and a looksee at Talla Na Nara. Ooof, what a nice place.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Lanntair ing

Prior to going to listen to our Ragnar's talk, Toots takes time out for a coffee and a look around to see who is there.

I am, and still with the Pentax P30 and Foma200.