Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On Glass

I have been playing around with some old glass plates I managed to get hold of. This one is a Mimosa plate 9x12 and I exposed it @ asa 6 on the FKD LF and sloshed it in Aculux2. Nice details but not the best pic ever of Eve !

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another day

... and the day is overcast but have spent a few hours sloshing chemicals over glass plates - of which more later.
The day has also been enhanced by my good chum sending me a wonderful 6x9 camera. I do hope I can make good use of it and produce some good snaps.
Just spending a few moments on the pooter so I have decided to post another snap of Louise, the work experience girl. Taken onthe KOWa6.

Friday, May 26, 2006

work experience

Have had two weeks of work experience girls with me at the Velodrome and I must say, I have enjoyed their comapany. I managed to geta few snaps of one this week with the Kowa and here is one I printed off for her;

Tmax400 in Aculux2. A little bit of PS.


And here's another from the Spotmatic with a commercially processed Konica colour print film badly scanned. Cool Dude Jonny

Monday, May 22, 2006


A good pal gave me a Pentax spotmatic and I could not wait to run a roll through this well respected camera. The f1.8/55mm lens is real nice and eay to focus - although I don't think I have quite got it right yet. Anyway, i rather like this snap of Eve at home - lens wide-open. Hp5 in Fx-39

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I have to work for a living. Obviously I shouldn't have to but finacial needs must. however, i do work in sport at the national cycling Centre so get to work with the best cyclist in the world - at the moment. Anyway, the other day I took this rider - a visually impaired tandem Athens Gold medallist - over to the EIS to see the Doc and took this snap of the sculture there before I left. Taken with a Voigtlander Perkeo 1 and Tmax 400 in fx-39.


I revisit this place from time to time as it is close to home and a lovely place. It's alongside a lake and surrounded by big hills so plenty to shoot.
This time I was out taking a snap on glass plate with my FKD LF camera but took along the Franka Rolfix armed with some Panf - which I really am beginning to like. You can see a snap of the LF camera taken with the Rolfix here .
I got this camera after chum fished it out of a skip! The shutter was stuck but a quick cla by Real Camera Co. in Manchester and it's right as rain.
Here's another;
Both souped in Calbe ro9 [Rodinal].

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Raining again

Just back from work and a nice stroll was on the menue before a lovely meal. Only it's raining - again, and I don't feel like getting wet - again.
We, my partner & I took off over the hill to the next village the other day for a spot of folk-festival watching. Only it rained and all we got to see were some sodden morris dancers. They were good mind you and the band looked great. But wet.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Down Saddleworth way

Round these parts there seems to be a lot of interesting events to take a camera to. This one last year had me searching out the monolta 7000 that i have not used in an age. But this camera has my longest lens and despite slow AF works a treat for this kind of thing.
here's a snap from a dance event in a pub car-park! love the outfits.


Igor, the 13x18 Russian LF camera I have decided he wanted to take a snap. So out came a 5x7 darkslide and in went adox400 [HP5 I think] 'we' took a snap of Eve, my partner.
Igor is a bit tempremental since the backs don't really fit this plate camera and have to be held in place with elastic bands and, there is no real shutter.
Sloshed the neg in Fx-39 [which I am going to miss] and printed on Printing out Paper. I shall post this when it's dry. In the meantime, here is a scan of the neg - or at least a good part of it - stitch together since the scanner is not big enough!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Day off

At last a day off so my partner and I decided to havea few moments down near Marsden way at a lovely little spot. It's a clough just off the main road yet most people pass it by - thankfully. We were down to take a few snaps on B&W fim although the weather was a bit damp.
I've since been back and developed the films and will post a snap soon. Meanwhile, here's one from a previous visit;