Monday, June 30, 2014

The Crofter is happy

You can begin to see why here

The snap was taken with my little sister's OM1n - a lovely little camera. The film was AgfaASP400s in ID11. It works well in Acurol-N [1:100] too.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A few snaps

I take a lot of snaps. It's my raison d'etre - as if. Trust me, I get through lots of cheap 35mm film to decorate the back of the settee with. It looks lovelee.

Of course most if not all of the snaps are rubbish but I like taking them and that's what counts after all. Proper snaps are for another day when the weather is darker. Brooding - that sort of thing.

Here's a little snap on Polypan-f film sloshed in Acurol-N [1:133, 40mins semi stand]. That's Roy nattering in the middle of the road with Zig his loyal doggie on their way to stack the peats.

That's the good ship Hannah with Mick, Bee and Toots on board coming into harbour the other day. Lovely people and lovely boat. They'll be in Shetland by now - soon to be in Norway.

Mick. Eh? Lovely chap. I mean, really lovely. Bee is really lovely too but is less inclined to have her soul snatched away by a marauding snapper like myself. And I like that. Toots is Toots the cat. She was hiding.

Round the other side of the harbour - the working side that is where the dead fish and diesel crowd go was this fella playing with his nets. Trying to put them back together I shouldn't wonder.

All snaps taken with the OM1n [my sisters] cheap as chips polypan-f film and Acurol-N developer - which I do like on the Isle of Lewis.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Tom Hickman here in his very lovely home and gallery in New Tolsta - that's north of North Tolsta. You can see Tom's work here or visit him at home. I did.

Look see, I have a lovely HSB esque portrait of him taken with my trusty Zorki4 and Jupiter12 on Foma400 rated at 800 and sloshed in Acurol-N for 40 mins semi-stand. Seems to work for me.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Three 3s

3 posts

Oh please! You try coming up with something new almost everyday Eh? 

The sun was shining again so I took myself off round the village with a quick visit to artist Tom and his lovely gallery. I might even show you a snap from there soonish. If you are good.

3 buildings

Not sure I can cope with nice weather. One of those 'tourists' chased me across the moor today as I was talking to Roy who was cutting peats. I let her off as she, the tourist person was Dutch. Single Dutch but Dutch all the same. Those tourists are everywhere. Becoming more like my home-town of Bath every year!

3 sinks

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Yes we are boatists now. Bobbing about a bit from time to time in raging  seas - as you can see here. I took some snaps and present three here. Because someone asked me to since you ask!

Boat from a boat

Eve the boatist.  Driving.

Eve the boatist with the flappy bits

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I love this film

Maybe 'love' is a bit rich but I do like this film. Fomapan 400 film that is. Pushable to 800 even in Rodinal it has a lovely look. As I have a bulk roll of the stuff, I shall be using it from time time, although Agfa ASP 400s will be my staple as I have more of that!

Here's a nice example of Fomapan400 @ 800 in Rodinal from a recent long days wait in hospital. Eh?

No, I am all right. Honest.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Oooh, I like this snap. Not sure why really as it was sunny and I don't like sun. There's scaffolding and cars and everything. But I do like it. Maybe it's the Polypan-f film that was in my Olympus at the time.

Or perhaps it was the lampost sitting there all proud and what have you. Who knows?

Monday, June 23, 2014


Another in my occasional  series of binscape snaps - on Polypan-f in Rodinal.

An interesting glow in the sunshine

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another snap. Land bound

It may be taken with the Konica point and shoot with 400s traffic surveillance film but I rather like this. It must be that it's the fence that's exciting my taste buds or something. Or the fact that it's along my favourite local stroll. Either way it is nice.

There's dampness in the air this morning so Eve has gone a cycling-O. I have developed another film so I might even have another image to show you soon.

Friday, June 20, 2014

we meant to

Of course we meant to float about the harbour in  a semi-uncontrolled way. We faked the outboard cutting out just so we could have a closer look at another boat - obviously. The perspiration on my brow was real though - but one is a good actor. We faked the stumbling aboard Freyja, our wee boatee too. Makes everyone feel so much better when they see others almost falling in.

A mentor of mine, them lovely full time boatists aboard the good ship Hannah in Stornoway  harbour at the moment told me that's the way to go. Toots and her human pets Mick & Bee live aboard this wonderful boat all the time, sailing here and there around the globe leaving a trail of friends in their wake. I'm amazed they stayed two nights here since the place feels like Southampton with all the people, sailing boats and cruise ships in the place. If it wasn't for our Freyja being in the harbour, qi gong being run in a place in Stornoway, the arts centre, Eve's work and a lot of my work being there too, I'd stay here in Tolsta till it get's quiet again. But it is busy. I blame the papers telling everyone how nice it is here..... STOP IT!

Eve's steers the blow-up back to land using the mechanical paddling device while Hannah fills up with ,,, something - perhaps it's ice for their gins :-) 

Back on Freyja, Eve reads all about the en-suite. Of which the less said the better.

A block of floating flats in harbour disgorges its inmates into Stornoway while I cower below.

Apologies for the snaps again. I have a enough problem stopping myself taking a swim the cold sea to use a proper camera - hence the Konica Point & Shoot and 400s film in ID11. Old re-used several times ID11


That man Micheal Kenna, the photographist of note who makes images in a style that has others imitating him in droves doesn't do it at all. He gets others to do it. Developing the films that is. Apparently Mr Kenna just prefers the darkroom printing - that many never do at all.

I on the other hand like developing film and darkroom printing although can't claim any talent in either direction. As long as I get something to shine a light through to make an image, I'm usually satisfied. One doesn't want to produce images like everyone else anyway.

All the same, from time to time I do take snaps like everyone else. This time with the Minolta 505si and Foma100 film. I sloshed it in Acurol-N [1-100 20mins] and ended with these.

From a visit to Gemma and William in Cromor.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Poet, story-teller, sailor

All the same man.

Ian Stephen no less.

Yes, this is him. Trust me. Cycling back from his boat to home to pick up 'stuff' to mend a little leak in the hull.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm liking this

It fell out of the Petri7s when I sloshed the Fine Grained Positive film therein in multigrade developer. Not where it was but I do rather like it. It speaks to me I think. A piece of light-sensitive paper awaits in the darkroom for this one.

The Bessa-R camera I briefly had has gone. That never agreed with me. The pictures got stuck outside it and that will never do. It had no need for gaffer tape either - and that just doesn't fit my personality. It just didn't give me any excuses I most obviously require.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Look how pleased dearest Eve is with her wee boatee. And so she should be too. Tis a pity I am hopeless when it comes to boating though.

Proper nice snap taken with the Pentax Espio point and shoot camera. Despite it's smallness - the camera that is - it lets the light in, in all the right places for the right amount of time too.  Makes up for my dodgy eyesight by sorting the focus out for me as  well. The film was Agfa ASP400s traffic film doused in ID11 that has been used a few times.

This weeks favourite combination.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A right fine racket

Been busy today. Eve rode over 60 on her velocipede, I did a nice darkroom sesh, we went and did things on the water and then we finished the day at an Lanntair to hear Cath Fish and her fisherpersons 'do' Faure's Requiem. They did Pearsall, Bruch and what seemed to be Cage and Rix too - although I'm not sure that was the intention.

Had a great evening I must say although a little tired from our exertions today. Still, we sorted the cleats on the mast, the depth charge machine - or whatever it is - which told us there was about one foot of water under the boat  such was the low water, and the strings for the sails and what have you. Pity we didn't have time for a sail although there was no wind at all!

Thanks to all for a wonderfully lovely evening.

Thursday, June 12, 2014













    I know it's not...... by Wiesmier
   Please DO NOT buy the book. It is there for you to look at!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I really don't like summer for snapping

Perhaps it's the flat light. Perhaps it's because we have other thing to do.

It was a few days over seven years ago we came to live here. And I couldn't take a decent snap then either!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Forgive me for I have sinned.

Sorry and all that but my neg filing system has let me down rather. I think I may have over-cleared up the pile of dusty negs that litter the settee and the floor and hence I have not been able to locate my masterpieces. It's ok though since there are original prints [somewhere].

As it happens, since I had scanned the prints for blogging and the like I have decided to print copies on the big machine - archival matte paper [whatever that means!]. Apparently one can call them 'pigment prints' when in reality they are ink-squirts. Anyway, someone wants them so that will have to do.

I will wash my mouth out with soap and water as soon as I have finished writing this - then flail my ageing body with stinging nettles till within an inch of my skin. [wouldn't want to hurt myself would we?].

I was printing this and others;

Please tell me I shall not be excommunicated.

And whatever you do, DON'T TELL THE COELYNES

Monday, June 09, 2014

Sailing. A bit

Sea. Or nearly anyway. Watery certainly. And lots of boats about - big ones too. Going this way and that as we floundered about in the sunshine trying to find some wind and making sure we didn't become dust under the bow of the ferry. That's the Pharos in the background - something to do with Lighthouses.

We had a fine old time on Freyja out there. Eve took her electric imaging device and posted on faceplant, I took a camera - albeit a P&S and here we are!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

The village. Well, some of it.

There's this bit.

... which is just out there [pointing aimlessly]. It's fences. Do you have fences? We do.

And this bit.

A motionless Land rover and some fencing wire. Did I tell you we have fences. And grass.

These are temporary fences belong to The Crofter who is depicted here gassing to The Vet [of the year no less ]with Dad Crofter looking on and The Tooth Factory in the background. For more info go here. Eh?

True, it's not a fence.

Notice the slight IR effect in these snaps? Well, that's due to the partial IR sensitivity of the film [Agfa 400s] and the sun that poked its head out.

Saturday, June 07, 2014


Yes, that's Barvas to you and I. Over on the West side and everything. Was there with Eve and The Crofter together night for a breath of fresh air a look see at the Atlantic in all its glory and good company. I took a little OlympusXA2 camera but with some dodgy film aboard. Still, you'll get the idea. I may just have to invest in proper film one day! The camera is great though despite a dunk in a loch when I fell out of the boatee tender a while back.

So different over there. The sand is coarser - as one can see. The air different. The wind too. Nice though. For a bit anyway. Never wanted to live on 'that' side for some reason.

Nice dark blurry snaps tho.

Friday, June 06, 2014


I have one or two you know. Friends that is.

Several here on the island whom I catch up with from time to time. 

Of course, I have others. Just in case you are not going to be showcased! And the others are just as important to me etc etc. You know the rest; just because I haven't mentioned you don't get getting all setup with me over it. I mean.......


Here's Toots all in his best greeting jacket mired in mire to make it look like he's been doing something rather than just sitting watching house renovation programmes on TV. Or hoovering. Not hovering. That's something else entirely.

Seen posing here outside Taraxucum Cottage or whatever his pad is called.

Then there's Gerald.

A nautical man with a lovely wife and boat too. That's me driving the thing as Gerald 'does' things sail with Eve looking on. Of course you shouldn't expect a masterpiece snap - I was holding the steering stick and everything you know.

Then there's The Crofter. Lost off his croft when he can tickle his pet lamb in the kitchen, talk to the pigs or wince as his little bull loses its bits to Hector the Vets' knife!

Seen here on the West Side of the island with Eve yes, that's dear Eve of this parish walking on the 'beach' at Barvas with The Crofter. Sorry, I have not got a proper excuse for this crappy snap apart I was used pre-fried film from a dubious source.

I didn't say I had influential friends did I ?

Eve at work

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tree in Yorkshire

I'm not sure all trees in Yorkshire look like this but this one did. At that time. When I took the snap and everything. Out of the garden of dear Eve's sisters garden.

Still, I liked the look of the neg I pricked out the back of the settee where it been maturing, snuck it into the enlarger and shone light through - bit of yellow and a diffuser plus some red, just for old time sake - onto some old "I can't remember what it was" fb paper. Then I chucked the developed print in green tea. Just because I can.

I like it - even if it has little movement. And yes, the print is small.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Put this down as; 'one I did earlier'.

I've not been that prolific with me imaging of late. I mean, I take snaps sure - but often have nothing much to show you. Or, I have to 'do' things. Like sail the boat, twiddle the twizzle-buckle or whatever it's called. Or work. Sometimes I work you know. One has to earn a crust.

But here's a little gemette from the other day. Outside an Lanntair arts centre thingy. Taken with a camera. And film. That's for the technical among you.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014


There are a few churches around the place. All over the UK and abroad too and for some reason I seem to end up taking a snap of some them along the way. Maybe it's the sense of peace that can pervade the places - or the architecture. Not sure what it is here on the island as most of the churches are almost brutalist in design - whatever goes on inside. At least a lot of the churches here on the island are still used one way and another but there are one or two casualties This is one.


Monday, June 02, 2014

Last one sees the light

No, not the last one ever, just he last one from this little reimagined series. Again on Ilford Art300.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

A little light

Look, these little prints are really doing it for me - especially since the paper costs are low. And they look nice. Did I mention that? That Ilford Art 300 paper is lovely. Texture and it's ability to make an image. Like this one - re imagined from an earlier print or two. The other prints were bigger. Much bigger and nice. But this one is really nice. Trust me. Better for being smaller. You'll really have to look closely at this one.

Flip, I almost want kiss this one such is my love for it. Is that a tad over the top? I don't care whatever you answer.

We, that's Eve and I, were out on the wee boatee the other day. Wallowing around in the inner-harbour as we tried to sort they flappy bits that hang on the front end of the thing. Only, we couldn't work it out. Pity, since our boarding and disembarkations were excellent and didn't involve any floundering in the bottom of the boatee. We even had a cup of green tea. But in the end we went back to Cuddy Point where the youth were playing sailing with Toby and the sailing club. Then Mr Gerald Hales hailed us from aboard the Ammonite and we pootled out and went on Mr Hales' first sail of the summer with him. I did a lot of the driving too - turning the steering stick this way and that, shouting "left-hand down a bit" and "ready about" randomly as one does in such situations. Mr Hales wisely ignored me and carried on doing the proper things. We had a lovely time though. The Ammonite is such a lovely boat and it goes through the water right lovely - despite my wavering sailing. Many thanks Mr Hales, most kind.