Saturday, September 24, 2011


 Eve checking this beach is where it should be. It was.

Me, using a film up. Nicely.

The coffee was on when we called in to see Mr Windy today - whilst the wind and rain raged outside. I saw the new bike box, cuddled Harry the doogie and had a chat. A pre-L'Eroica chat. And yes, Eve's bruises are going and the cut knee healing.

We pre-packed Eve's 1961 Eroba-Race bike when we got home just to make sure it fits the old bike bag - it did. Then we panicked a bit since we weren't sure we'd informed the airline about the big bag. Still not sure either. And, since the weather is a tad on the rough side, we are wondering which route to take to Inverness where our air transport will be waiting for us to take us eventually to Italy. If we go by ferry - or try to - the weather just may be too rough and it won't go [depends rather which way the wind is blowing - and I HATE rough crossings anyway - 3 hours] . There's another ferry down on Harris that goes to Skye [1.5 hours] but then there's the little matter of getting from there to Inverness. We could fly to Inverness from Stornoway just down the road, but the planes are small and cannot always take bikes. What to do??

Meanwhile I scan a roll of colour film taken with a point and shoot I found in a cupboard. Not sure I like colour but I do like these two snaps.

This is older. I like it.

Later; Eve found some old currency from my earlier travels - 2.5m Boliviano from Bolivia as it happens. Were rich!!! I think it's about 9 pence these days looking at the devaluation . I remember having to change money every day as the inflation was a tad high - and we think it's bad in the UK now !!!!.

Oh, and now a Chilean Peso note - 500 pesos. Brilliant, that's another 62p then.

I'll hang on to the Guilders, Pesetas and French Francs for when the Euro finally falls over :-)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another fine day

Not the weather mind you. Tis raining and windy and has been all day pretty much, the forecasts are horrible which is not so good as we are meant to be on the ferry across The Minch early next week!

But, I had a lovely time at the Blue Pig Studio of Jane Harlington who always makes me smile. There's the wonderful welcome for a start and always a creative atmosphere. I hung about soaking it all up, drinking the coffee, eating the cakes and admiring the progress of works in the making. I hung about so long I got roped into catching the geese in the barn prior to transportation to another croft down the road. They were not happy geese either but with some skilful hands, the job was done and I did my bit of shutting the box lid. Someone had to do it!

I haven't a snap to post so go and have a look at Jane's work - it's wonderful.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All Perked up and somewhere to go

I'm all Perked up and ready to go. The holiday is looming and my beloved Perkeo is filled with hope and anticipation of a trip with me - and I think I may take her since she is taking nice snaps these days - whatever I point her at. I'd had a little issue of focus but a little tickle here and there and all is well - well enough anyway. Sharpness is overrated, the preserve of the equipmentologists. Talking of which, I was told by some young but bright upstart the other day that my degree is not a 'proper' one since it is not only an 'ology' but a 'aphy' as well. Of course it's a real one, I had to talk to people AND measure pebbles - what more do you want? Young-uns eh?


Been to the mainland today. Yesterday I flew over there - broomstick class - for a work meeting in a nice hotel where I stayed. Stayed but not slept much since the rooms are so hot. And comfortable or something. The morning came slowly but I showered in the limitless hot water [although, to be quite honest, I didn't know it was limitless, it just didn't get cold when I used it. The chap who got up at 10.30am and came down to the foyer of the hotel with a scowl may have thought differently] and went  for a short stroll before the Inverness massive were awake

The stroll was lovely, the air clear and fresh and dryish- although that all deteriorated when I started the course in the hotel conservatory as the rain lashed down drumming madly on the roof - as it did most of the day.

I'm home now, all snugged up with the rain still lashing and the wind blowing with Eve by my side.

This is post 1001 too!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I've had a lovely weekend since you ask. You did ask didn't you?
Still afloat.

Saturday saw Eve and I drinking tea and eating fancies in a lovely environment with some lovely people who imparted some particularly lovely information. The evening was spent with the The Crofter in lovely conversation and supper then Sunday we took off to see some other wee lovelies for coffee and more fancies while we finished arrangements for our forthcoming lovely holiday. How lovely is that?

One of tubs above is the boat that the net mending fisherman below works on !

Mending the nets

A local fisherman mending the nets - from a short stroll in the sun with William and my Ilford Sporti .

Thursday, September 15, 2011


September came around quickly. The sun shone and Eve and I took off for a lovely walk along our beautiful coast to a wonderful deserted beach where we dabbled our painted toes in the azure clear and cold water of the Atlantic. It was fantastic. Being with Eve is like that.

Now what ten disc's would you take?

Then I succumbed a little with something that needn't worry you but meant I had medical people looking down into lots of 'places' - and not finding anything wrong thank goodness. I have been a wreck. That's the way I get sometimes. But now I am on the up with no small thanks to some lovely people who know who they are.

The sun shone yesterday amid the heavy rain so, trying to forget the last 'probe' required at the Doc this morning I found some old negatives - on x-ray film as it happens - then some old Kentmere Printing Out Paper and made some sun prints. This one is small - less than two inches square but I like it all the same - even if the actual thing is a bit more interesting than it is here. And you can't imagine the pleasure I had in doing it - and that is what counts really.

POP goes the print

Friday, September 02, 2011


I think I will be taking a while off taking and developing images as I am a tad unwell at the moment and need to get well.