Saturday, April 30, 2011


"Cup of tea Ernest?"

...on Sea that is. I was there last week whilst visiting Mater in hospital. Since you ask Mater is doing well which is rather grand. Had bunting round her hospital chair whilst sat watching a wedding on TV the other day with her special home-made hat on.

Reminds of the time we went to Buck Pal a few years back for a garden 'party' [don't ask]. Mater made this really lovely little pill-box type hat for the occasion and it looked terrific - as did Mater. Only thing was it rained. Poured actually and the people who live in that huge palace made us stay in the garden with not enough tentage to stay dry under. So, we go wet and Mater's hat sagged, the dye ran down her cheek and in the end the hat went in the dustbin. Mater had a nice day though.

In Burnham-on-Sea I strolled around in the sun aimlessly shooting the day away with no particular idea in mind. Maybe this snap could be part of my 'Whatever it is ...... it's overrated' project.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


On visiting Mater last week, in between times on the hospital ward, I took time to explore the area near the place. The hospital in question is situated in Uphill near Weston super Mare. Taking off along the road i soon found an entrance to a path that lead up the hill across a lovely field towards an old church. The views were stupendous looking out over Brean Down and the Levels.
 The old church on the hill
One perspective of the boatyard

Just below there's the River Axe with its muddy banks and little tributaries where on one of those there's a nice boatyard - although how they get boats in and out must be limited.
Here's two snaps from one walk - taken with the Zorki6/Jupiter8/Rollei400s/Rodinal

The Big Day is near

Yep, it's Mater's birthday in a day or two. She maybe still in hospital, still a bit weak but she is doing well and about to celebrate her 88th . Just want to say thank you for being there for everyone - always.

Apologies for the lack of photographic content of late but Mum has being occupying my mind of late. And I have started cutting the peats - and the darkroom ventilation needs putting in, the front wall painting, the house clearing up ............

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm back from a few days in a very hot Somerset visiting Mater in hospital where she is recovering from a couple of falls and subsequent injuries - which are somewhat serious. One thing I always get from mater is a sense of  the positive. Despite all Mater's troubles she still talks of getting a pedal tricycle when she gets stronger and tells me that she won't cook quite so many pancakes [as the 100 she did this year] for next years charity pancake party.
Now Mater is still in hospital, having countless tests, resting and healing -aiding the latter with meditation and visualisation.
Lynne in her orchard - with Goblina
Had a lovely time seeing Mater and my sisters. Jill lives in Nam - Cheltenham that is - while Lynne lives in a lovely old cottage on the Levels of Somerset surrounded by her orchard and bees hives.

I took this snap with the old Ilford Sporti.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


My dear Mother is not well. Not well at all so this may be quiet for a few days while I go to England to see her.
Mum is 88 years young and been really active helping everyone - and I mean everyone all through her life. If I could be half the woman she has been, I would be very content. I took this picture of her in her favourite sea-front cafe in Burnham-onSea in January.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Somehow, I acquired some old Agfa Gevert Portiga paper to play with - for which I am most grateful.. It is fogged a tad but for me it makes lovely prints. Here's one of the first on it - with the scratch on the neg cloned out :-(  . From a Cromor walk

Monday, April 11, 2011

New project

I like to have a few photographic subjects bubbling under as they say - although I'm not really sure who 'they' are in that context. An early project that still lies somewhat unfulfilled - apart from the snappy title was/is "Fanks for the memory". The best bit was the title trust me. Gives you an idea of the quality of the snaps doesn't it.

Now I have a new project. I even have two images to start it off. So let me present, without a drum roll, the new project, complete with snappy title;

"Whatever it is........ it's overrated"
 Whatever it is........ it's overrated-1
Whatever it is........ it's overrated-2
More here


Gratuitous nodding daffs snap

What a change a day makes. Now it's Monday and all seems rosier. Apart from having to work this week that is. Took off to An Lanntair for the usual Lewis Photographica Movement gatheration where Colin the Grass ['grass' in that he cuts the stuff for a living not smokes it] brought in his new Voigtlander Bessa Rangefinder camera. Brand new proper film camera too - wow, that's great to see. Tis a fine camera and I expect to see some lovely images from Colin soon. Actually, to tell the truth I rather lust after such a camera myself one day.

The day hadn't started so well as I took off in the mist of the morning in the village to take some moody snaps with the Crown Graphic. Then the sun came out which rather scuppered my plans. I shot off the roll anyway then promptly under-developed the thing. Ah well, such is life. The snap above is one - from a thin neg scan.

I notice that there are three lovely silver gelatin prints on display in An Lanntair at the mo. All by the wonderful Calum Angus Mackay. One image called something like 'Hair clam' is absolutely mesmerising. It is one of the best prints I have seen for a very long time and well worth the cost of a Mocha in order to justify going in to see the print - although you could as easily just go and see the print without the drink - but why waste a fine cafe-stop opportunity?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another day

I seem to have come down off the high of Friday nights wonderful concert with a bump for some reason. Did potter to Toots' on the bike with Eve on Saturday for morning tea but today I can hardly raise myself to do anything. Ah well, there's always another shot from Friday to show.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mission accomplished

Last evening, Finsbay with the Mission House Studio awaiting

If Nickolai and Beka Globe of the Mission House Studio in Finsbay wanted to make a statement of excellence last night, then they certainly should be pleased with themselves. Eve, Toots and I went off down to their wonderful studio set as it is in the superb Harris countryside overlooking the Minch for the first in the Kyle Quartet's series of Beethoven Quartets that run throughout the year. It was, without a shadow of a doubt, the musical coup of the century for the island.
The Studio is a wonderful venue for the this charity event and all tickets were sold. Some had like us, come from Lewis, another from Benbecula - walking through from Leverburgh to be there on time. The mood was expectant, the light soft and glowing, the free glass of wine as you entered a lovely touch. The quartet, professional musicians of the highest calibre were outstanding, playing with passion and skill that left the audience spellbound. Even Toots only  nodded off for a few bars in the second quartet of the three. We were all left speechless at the end, the only disappointment was there was no encore but in fairness, I suspect the quartet were exhausted. We will go again for certain.
Book your place soon to avoid disappointment - but not before we do please.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Ok, since its a week or two since I snapped these two, they have probably forgotten about and anyway, I saw Hector's car out near his peats this morning which suggests to me he might be cutting peats already.
This is a local fashion show with Hector and Murdo in the latest in crofting garb. Hector on the left is modelling a fetching blue overall with matching jacket - blue. It was blue, trust me. At least I think it was blue. On the right Murdo shows off the warm fleece top. But oh dear, he's only got his second best wellies on it seems. Rather spoils the look I think. Still, it was a fine if short show and gave me a chance to shoot with the newly acquired Crown Graphic camera.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Is a thing lost........

Is a thing lost ...... when you know where it is?

No idea what it refers to but it is the title of an excellent exhibition in an Lanntair at the moment. We went to the opening -as you do and this 'ere chap, all bekilted up danced around the place pointing to this and that while ap Stephen looked on.

BTW: don't forget the Beethoven String Quartet series starts in Finsbay this week.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New kid on the block

Roy of Tolsta Moor, him of Ziggy fame, has now started his own blog here of memories and thoughts. Well worth the look.

This is not a test

Yes, it's a landscape

Ok, I've snapped it up before. Yes it's not a world breaker or something and yes it does look like a moulting cat rolled on the scanner before I put the neg in but hey, it's a landscape! I might even do some more of these - put them onto paper in the darkroom and everything. But first I need a new scape! And less sun. Apart from that, this was ideal.