Thursday, August 17, 2017

I don't know why..

I don't really understand why but I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy putting new film into a camera. Perhaps it's the expectation, the possibilities the hopefulness that this will be the film that realises all of my so far hidden photo-talent. As a result there are several perhaps more than several cameras around the place loaded with film ready to go. I think there are even Med format and Large format cameras loaded. It's a sickness, I know.

You never know when the right place will be for the right camera and film. I should and usually do use one or maybe two different cameras. A day. one loaded with 200asa B&W film and another with Polypan-f you understand.

Anyway, for you delectation [if there is anyone reading this after yesterdays post] is a snap I took in a recent An Lanntair exhibition I think using the unwell Kiev60 monstrosity on some film or other :-)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Sunday Shopper

I hate shopping. I hate shopping on all days if I'm honest.
On Sundays here you cannot shop - much - as it happens. The day is quiet and nice - apart from the hoardes of church goers driving at 5mph and parking all over the place. There are some retail places open but they get "threatened" by certain parts of the community from time to time so there aren't too many of them stay open and as a result not too many shoppers.

I like it quiet like that but please, if you wish do go and shop at the places that are open - it's is your right. There's a garage shop that is famously open and now a Tweed shop.   Do not be cowed by the vocal minority.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

For "The Cludgy"

At the suggestion of some of my fan, I have started this little series of prints - all to be taken on the island - for the cludgy wall.

On Fotospeed RC - as if you cared :-)

Monday, August 14, 2017


I'm loving the aesthetic that was around in the Provoke era. All that challenging norms, high contrast and what have you. I touched on it before you know. I didn't really know much about it then and I'm not much the wiser now. However, time has passed by and I can re-configure images to that look at will you know - as with Hils here.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Must do this again

A couple of weeks back - back when the world wasn't threatened [so much] by an idiot with small hands and an equally small brain - Eve and I went on a bike ride together. How good was that> Veyr as it happens since I have been afflicted by ME/CFS for over a decade and a half and this sort of thing is usually off the menu for me. Only, as I mentioned before Bespoke cycles have e-bikes for hire, so I got one for an hour. Fabulous. Must do it again sometime - once I regained my strength from the last one.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kiev 4

I treated myself to an old Kiev4 Soviet rangefinder camera the other day - a birthday presi to myself as it were. I mean, I am old you know. Anyway, said camera has the Jupiter 8 lens on it - a fine performer I'm told. I was given one of these cameras some years back though it is plagued by lightleaks through the rangefinder window. I was hoping this one wasn't.

I shot a roll of film through it quickly - and yes there are light leaks although I suspect it is from the camera back rather than the rangefinder window so there is hope.

Caught Toots blessing his bacon butty the other day - the lens sees that fine I think

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Visual Artist

This is Katie a visual artist. Proper and everything despite not wearing a beret. Uses colours as well.

I was in an Lanntair yesterday, minding my own business - and others' business as well - obvs - when Mr Alex Boyd of that parish introduced me to this delightful young lady with a very interesting blog..  Go on, check it etc but come back after.

I've seen snaps by HCB of Artists so I thought I'd do one too. Not sure I've shown Katie at her very best here - I blame it on the film I used - and the technique but rather like the snap all the same.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What's going on?

Seems to be an exodus of incomers from the island as the tourists pour in. Or maybe it's just my friends that are going! Had a bath this year and everything so it can't be that.

The sun is shining again so just back from a stroll on the beach [as I write this]. That's where I learned the news from one or the soon to be gone peeps.

Still, Eve & I love here[despite all the tourists] and are not going anywhere at the mo.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The weather

We are some what governed by the weather here on the island. I mean, tis nice at the moment although cloudy, it's warmish. Sometimes it's horrible like a few days ago when I visited The Croft and it threw it down for a while - luckily as I was in the Big Shed.

The wind direction affects the cooking too. The old Rayburn stove sulks with wind in one direction and is an almost uncontrollable blast furnace when in the other. It does rather influence ones cooking!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Minch

Yes, I'm late posting this. Sorry and all that. Eve & I were gadding about o'er the Minch in Inverness, living it up looking at prints in the Print place by the river there, sitting outside cafes in the sunshine, Walking about a bit and buying another art book. I wasn't going to buy the book but I just couldn't help myself. Must get some therepy!

The other day I took this snap of The Minch as I waved to photographist and seafarer Roy Kalsvick  - you can see his excellent blog here - as he pootled up the sea bit in his wee boatee Subsea Viking. The flippin thing looks huge in the pics online but I think they must have thrown an invisability cloak over the thing as, despite seeing it on AIS outside on the watery bit, I couldn't see a boat at all. Ah well, such is life! Hopefully, I'll meet Mr Roy somewhere in the future.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Twas as expected

I wasn't expecting the sun though.

Just wanted you to know I had a fine day yesterday.
I took some snap with a Kiev4 (1959).
Went for a stroll with Toots on a beach.
Had lunch bought for Eve and I by Mr & Mrs Toots.
How nice was that?
Very nice.

Friday, August 04, 2017

I get out you know

Took the liberty to go out over the West Side of the island in the hot sunshine to attend the Carloway Show. Name the dead fish, hit a nail on the head, knock a brown eatery thing off a pole, jumping up and down to tunes, jumping up and over - for fun presumably, tossing the big stick, throwing the bag of stuff, and posing. All the goings on from a fine show. Plus the cooking of the animal bits, tea, cakes, drawings, photos [not guilty] and a huge cabbage that must be growing on one of the cupboards  in a classroom there as it was there a few years ago - I'm sure.
Met lovely peeps, ate ice-cream, met more peeps and dogs, sheeps, horses and coows. Oh what a day. Suffered for it mind. Had to go to bed when i got home :-(

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Old camera, old film, same old, same old

What's this about then?
Well, hang on a bit, I'll tell you.

I took the clunky somewhat dodgy Kiev 60 out for a spin the other day. When I say I say 'spin' I mean I dragged the heavy lumpen thing around nearly putting my shoulder out of joint. These are a big piece of metal let me tell you. Having said that, the glass is rather good - if the shutter is firing ok and the winding on of the film works.

Since I'm a cheapskate, I loaded the Kiev with some old Shanghai GP3 film I got from a pal. I used to use this film a lot at one time. It was cheap and rather good - and cheap. Did I say Cheap? Only the last batch I used - and I suspect this was from the last batch made - was awful. I mean, really awful. at least this roll didn't have the backing paper numbers imprinted on the film . Anyway, I saw this interesting scum line at Cuddy Point and shot it. The peaty water from the Creed river was being washed right in there by the horrible easterly wind that prevented us / dissuaded us from sailing earlier in the day.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Don't tell me you hate this: I won't listen if you do.

I mean, LOOK, just look.
Isn't that something?
I'm sure it is whatever it's meant to be. I do like it anyway - and so do you. :-)

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


It was a wettish Saturday to be honest. The rain came and bounced off the pavements in Stormoway. We were in there for some reason that escapes me: ah, I think were intended to go south on the island but the weather got he better of us. Ended up in The Bridge Centre Cafe - which is, I might say, rather lovely.

Monday, July 31, 2017

End of ...............

Twas the end of the roll of Polypan-f film in the camera and it's too tempting to leave it there for any longer. So a little stroll around the Capitol of the islands soon gave the opportunity to see it off.

No it wasn't a square format camera but merely cropped from 35mm. Used the old Zorki6 I've had for many a year. Go on, go and have a clicky on the link. I don't mind as long as you come back here afterwards.

Ooh, I am rather partial to these peoplescapes I do. Must do some more.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer in the car park

It's not always as dark as this, not literally anway. It's been warm and sunny most of the time but I wait till the clouds come so I take some snaps.

The car-parks get busy round the village with these houses on wheels with their accompanying surf-boards and dogs. Nice really. Lovely peeps in the main too.

Anyway, I 'saw' them through a really small hole, 'painted' the image on film and everything. Here it is.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I met this civil engineer the other day

The engineer was busy building dam on the stream that falls into The Minch . All wet and watery it is. Runs across the sand, and joins the other waters there in the sea.

I said "Ey oop Sir" (because I suspected he was English). "What's going to happen there then? If you stop the water going into the sea we'll have nowhere to swim or sail the boats."

We turned around and right enough the sea was already shrinking. Becoming all Aral Sea like. The engineer frowned, mildly sneering at me as he stopped the civil engineering works and returned to his family sat on the beach keeping him company.

I was right though. Once he stopped the water came back again.

Friday, July 28, 2017


Surrounded by the stuff here. This is the very same over Bhaltos way. Did you know that?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

How about this?

We, Eve and I were strolling around the Valtos area of the island the other and I, as I am prone to do, fell into conversation with an amiable chap with a very nice boat. Lovely you might say but it turned out this amiable chap and I knew each other some fourty years ago.

Apologies to Angus - for that is his name - in that I did not immediately recognize him after all these years, he may have change a bit. And I too have seen times change somewhat.

Lovely thing is he's in the process of moving here - in a tremendously wonderful spot - to build a house for his lovely family. How good is that !

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Four coows

Yes they are there. You just have to look properly.

Braved the sunshine and went down south west to Uig area on the island with Toots. Tooks some snaps and everything. And this is one of them.

Monday, July 24, 2017

There he is

There you are, he's the one I've been telling you about.
Oh I haven't?

Well, he is Alex Boyd of the next parish. An incomer to island who works does something at an Lanntair on the island. Took this snap soon after he woke up in his office. Can you tell?

Anyway, Mr Boyd is having a wee exhibition at the same place he works but with the delightful and talented Chris Friel and the even more famous and equally wonderful Ragnar Axelsson. Eh? How good is that?

if there is one exhibition you need to miss, this isn't it trust me. Not sure when it's on but it is this year!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ooh, sailing

No it wasn't raining yesterday. Twas about 390 C in the shad it seemed. Got overwarmed and everything. But we went sailing. Lots of wind, waves and all.

The Sail Stormoway Cruise in company it was only they weren't good company really as they went off fast, sailing over the horizon as we wrestled to get the little boatee Freyja out beyond Arnish in the outer harbour. I mean we had to turn this way and that to make headway, then the water started bumping around a lot, the wee boaty went up and down.

To be totally honest, we must have been proper first back taking in account our boatee was a tiddler, our age and incompetence - all worked out in a proper handicap. Only, they, the others didn't see it that way.

Lost my pink glasses an all on the way back in - very nice sailing though thank you very much. The string holding the bins slipped off my hair and plop, they were gone into the harbour.

Still, we moored up on the absent Admiral Hales' summer moooring for a while to have a sleep before putting the boaty back on our ropey things back behind the rocks and whathaveyou - once the tide agreed to come back in a bit.

Friday, July 21, 2017

It may be a concern

Oh dear oh dear.
Couldn't find a quiet seat in a nice cafe this day. Peeps all over the place smiling and dare I say it, laughing. Some street urchin from Englandshire throwing things in the air and encouraging people to cheer - and give him money.

Couldn't even hear the birds coughing as the circus on the castle green seemed to about to explode.

But no fear there was always someone to hand out a message about a 'righteous path' to somewhere.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sail and Row

There's a bit going on down Stormoway way. The music festival starts in a day or two and the sailing and rowing for everyone is running now.

I went down in the heat of the day - yes over 20C - to help. Held a string at an opportune time, got wet feet - that sort of thing and bumped into Murdo photo who is back on his native island for a day or two. Lovely chap too. remembered my name and everything from four years back!

Anyway, needless I snapped him up with my Vivitar UW&S before he started collecting pixels with his imaging device.

I then started to feel awful so came home and laid down. As I do

Monday, July 17, 2017

Summing up

Basically, in our spare time Eve rides bikes, we sail, and I take snaps. Sometimes we do all three things on the same day - plus enjoy some local cafe culture. I mean, Stormoway is the town of a million cafes these days.

My fav Stormoway cafes; Nice & Chilled @ Cycle Hub. Bridge Centre Cafe, An Lanntair, Woodlands,. There are I might add plenty of others - all very nice.

There's a music festival this week too - oh, and the sailing / rowing things going on.

Oh, we are so very sophisticated up here these days.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Maybe I'll tell you about yesterday soon, but today is not that day.

It was, however Alex Boyd's day of his birth some years ago - yesterday.

Friday, July 14, 2017


It's been warm these last few weeks. The darkroom sessions have been few and far between as I enjoy the higher than usual temperatures and the sunshine. So much so, I have lost my mind a few times and paddled in the usually freezing sea. Only, it wasn't. Freezing that is.

Look I could stand there enjoying the warmish water round my ankles and dearest Eve snapped me up with the UWS.  I love this little gem of plastic. simple but interesting.

Nice imagary when shot into the sun too. I must use this thing more.

I took the thing the other night when out sailing with Admiral Hales in his good ship Ammonite. Only thing is, I was so engaged with the lovely weather on a lovely boat that I forgot to use it!

Thursday, July 13, 2017


This lith print wasn't quite right - so I enhanced it a bit. Darkened it in the pooter. I like it now

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I like it anyway

Sometimes, the messy-ness of an image makes it sing for me.

I think this one is a tad wabi-sabi

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Are my apologies accepted?

How lovely. I might feel better Soon.

Still, I do feel that this portrait of a place is better squarer don't you think?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sorry and everything

You'll have to forgive me. The TdF is on and yesterday the epic stage in the Jura mountains. Have to keep tabs on it as it happens. And didn't it happen eh?

Don't worry, I dragged Mr Toots out the other day to his fav subject - the blooming machair over on the west side of the island.. Of course I shot a bit too - but in good old B&W and in 35mm.

ooh it was raght lovely - warmish sunshine [between the clouds], little breeze and the machair just in bloom.

Mr Toots set too with his selection of cameras and Velvia film while I wandered about. Oh, I did shoot Mr Toots' car oop. It's some sort of faux 4wd out of Romania via France.

I shot the view too, can you imagine/ Used an orange filter I found in my pocket as well.

Yes, I know, I'll stick to binscapes !

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Colour boating

See, when the sun is shining and the wind dies a little, there's plenty of boating happening at Cuddy Point. That's in Stormoway harbour.

That's dearest Eve in the red skiff coming back in after a wee row round the outer and inner harbour. Not sure if the canoe club was going or in at this point. Oh and there's the sailing club here sometimes too - not forgetting the yachts from all over the world going in and out and the fishing boats making a noise and smell about the place, the whale watching boats and some yobs in a speedboat creating havoc - until their boat ran out of fuel and they paddled part way back in till someone gave them a tow. Would have left them out there if it were me :-)

Saturday, July 08, 2017

I needed it

After a few snaps where all went wrong, I needed to reaffirm my incompetence to myself. I shot out to a village beach with a 6x6 and some Rollei400s film, finished the roll in 30 mins as the rain arrived, developed quickly in PQ ( 1:10 - 2 mins] and I had some dodgy looking snaps - all shot wide open at f4. Just because I can.

Ahh, feel better now.

Friday, July 07, 2017


Ok, ok, what's going on?
Seem to have hit an impasse at the moment with everything film related going up the creek.
This is from the latest fiasco when yet another film - this time the ill fated Shanghai GP4 film - is useless after development. I suspected this might be the case so I quickly developed the thing in PQ print developer.

I suspect it was the unusual warm sun blazing down that threw me off track. Two whole days we had of that. You'll be pleased to hear it's gone back to the damp dullish days now.

As it happens I salvaged this neg and lith printed it on Slavich Unibrom - which isn't half bad but, this isn't that. I prefer to show you my mess-ups not my triumphs

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Do I admit?

I went over to The Stones the other week. Just for a change of scenery and a scone you understand. I rarely ever actually look at the Stones since they don't seem to have finished them yet and they always look much same - either with or without hoardes of pixel catching peeps.

Don't expect Stones snaps  here [too often] but I do have a snap post tea and scone in the cafe. This is when the Pentax Espio Mini seems to work best. Obviously, I shall have to eat more scones.