Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black Isle Bronze

This is the place where the Stornoway fisher-women were cast - and a fine job they did too. I went and had a look how it was done - many thanks to Farqhar who runs the place. This chap was welding a new statue together for Edinburgh. The one in the background is from Bristol - in for restoration.


Island travel

Movement to and round islands is nearly always interesting. Here's the Local Aussie bus-driver.


When in Rousay in Orkney, one feels obliged to burrow around in the chambers along the coast. We did just that and I took the Ziess Ikonta and snapped.

Been away

.. in Orkney. Back soon wif some more snaps.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Princess Victoria

I make no bones about re-posting this snap but since a good friend, Victoria Pendleton has just become Olympic Track Cycling Sprint Champion, I think it deserves another outing. Taking at Manchester Velodrome with the KOWA 6mm.

Friday, August 15, 2008

GB cycling

Tummy of love at the Manchester Velodrome
I can't resist mentioning the GB cycling team who this morning have had a storming day at the Olympic Velodrome.
Wiggly Braggins was fastest in the men's pursuit qualifying with a new Olympic record with Steve Burke in 5th!!!!!! I remember Steve coming to my sprint sessions at the Manchester Velodrome just a few years ago - along with new Olympic Team Sprint champion Jason Kenny. Jason rode a stormer with Chris Hoy and Jamie Staff setting a new olympic record in the qualifying round and survived the scare in the final to beat the French.
Then along come Wendy Houvenghel and qualifies fastest in the qualifying round of the women's prusuit in front of GB's Rebecca Romero. Not bad for a evenings work. See mere details here
and here .
Watch out for the finals of the pursuits, Hoy and Ross Edgar in the keirin, Hoy and Kenny in the sprint plus the team pursuit team - who are flying apparently.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bosta Paddlers

There's a lovely beach downin Bernera where I spent the morning wif photo-club El Presidenti yesterday. Was so warm and sunny it could have been the west indies. And if you have never been to this place, its worth a visit just to see the place - if the weather is good.
Anyway, this is a print from a snap i took wit the Hasie some panf and some visitor who, were so bored after me ragailing them with tales of the winter here, they upped and went for a paddle!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Jill my younger sister
Desire Almy in France with his boat
I came across some old negs which were from Mum and Dads cameras - so I scanned some. great to see Dad - who passed away some years ago and other members of the family.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

North Harris Show

Down in Urgha, not a sheeps- throw from Tarbert on Harris the North Harris Show awas held in rather damp conditions. At least the sports were fine. The heavy's did their bit in the pouring rain on the rather finely appointed sports field, three brave chaps ran to the of t'hill and back and then the heavys got beaten in the tug-o-war. The best tug-o-war match however came from the women's match.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Harris Tweed bikes in Lewis
Airing our [road-going] steeds this week
Tis been a bit wet today. We, Eve, I and the [I am the]Walrus ventured up Clisham - or most of the way up till torrential rain drove up down again. We came back in t'car passing loads of bedraggled cycle tourists desperate for a cafe.
Eve & I have been out on the bikes this week too. Eve to work and back and myself dawdling along the coast [and only] road and bac then going out together up to Coll pottery for a coffee and a look see. Really enjoying being out on the bikes again. Must get a cycling group going in North Tolsta. Any interest?