Thursday, July 31, 2014

I rarely tire of this

It's just down the road from the hoosey where we live, down past The Crofter's place to the sea - well, the steep rough road to the sea below the cliff that is. That's Broadbay out there - joined onto The Minch by more sea I suppose - it's that bit of water to the left towards the mainland some 40 miles away. The bit of land ahead on the other side of the bay is Point.

Anyway, it's what I put up with.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We hadn't been to a show for a while but the good weather got us thinking that we ought to go and visit. Only, it rained. Still, I needed to pick up the keys of the car I was going to win in the raffle [I'm still awaiting the phone call ! ] so we went along to the Lochs show. Coows, sheeps and chickens, cakes teas, cheese, sewing, digital imaging, painting etc etc. Oh, and tractors, running races, tractors, old cars, and John A on the mic between the piping, the dancing and what have you. We had a cake, some tea, took some snaps and kept out of the rain. Good fun eh? And Mr Toots came too.

Bit of dancing

Bit of running

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A standard sort of life.

Captured for posterior [ :-) ] with the Kodak Cresta and messed with on the steam-powered pooter.

Because I can.

Monday, July 28, 2014

We are all boatists now

I'm liking this bobbing about stuff in the sea. The weather has been quite nice really - a tad too hot and not enough wind but that hasn't stopped us playing at boatists. We are boatists actually.

I find I take all sorts of cheap and cheerful cameras out with me - even a very old 3mp dig*tal thing to take snaps - although you won't see those here. This was snapped with a P&S camera on cheapest film you can find [Polypan-f]. I'm still liking it - boating that is. Despite using the mechanical paddling device a lot the other day and gallons of factor 300 stuff on the old skin we got down to see William and Gemma at Cromore.

And it may look as if these snaps are in chronological order. They are not. It's just that I come across recent-ish negs down the back of the settee.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Girvan on a rainy day.

Was James Dean here in Girvan with Dennis Stock?

One can't be unaffected by the classic images- even if one doesn't realise till you look at the negs. I know, I know, it's a rubbish snap - aren't they all? But I like it all the same.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Allo Allo, do you ride tandem?

I have a lovely friend. Several of them in fact, not all who we see on a regular basis more's the pity. Why they don't move up here to the island is beyond me!

We did catch up with some of these dear friends while on the mainland recently. Angela, a bike racer from our old cycling club was there and keen to get back on a tandem. Angela raced a few times on the track and road on tandem - including an International in Ireland. How good is that? Very since you ask.

Brendon was there too. His daughter is riding the Commonwealth Games on the track this week and he is a fine chap and cyclist as well. So it didn't take long for Angela to persuade him to get on a bike made for two. The tandem was an ancient but lovely Hobbs of Barbican.

Can you actually ride a tandem Brendon?

Ooh, Lovely

Brendon and Birthday boy Vic fettle the tandem

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lets get back to proper snaps eh?

I know you love em.

You DO love them don't you? I was kind of hoping someone might. I'll be taking them anyway mind. I just feel the need from time to time. My taking-finger starts to twitch, my right eye is uncomfortable without a sighting lens in front of it and then I succumb. In a moment, a smidging of time the deed is done.

Do tell me if you do or don't like the snap then I can either bask in the glow on likey likeness or throw myself off the edge of the carpet in despair at someone liking my work.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The next Wiggly Braggins

This here is Harry. Not old enough to sport side-burns or a beard but sure to be the next Wiggly Braggins or Ben Swift . Trust me.

Crakin little rider and nice lad as well. Stood in front of me while I pointed the plastic box at him for a moment. Didn't blink or anything - just like a professional.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cycling club huts

There are not many of the things left it is fair to say. The famous De Laune cycling club had one at one time but sold the land for about 10 trillion groats and are now the richest cycling club in the UK.

The Ayr Roads Cycling club still has theirs thanks to the good work of the members and especially Vic Posse to keep the thing in goodish order.

The Great Man- VIC POSSE - looks out of the club hut onto the rabble.

Yes, Mr Posse had his 75th there- and great fun it was too even though we did not get to play pass-the-parcel while we were there. It rained though, not long after this shot was taken.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sex romp

I'm still reeling from the little doggie in the back of Brendon's car who insisted on humping his bed repeatedly while we drove from there to there - along the Electric Brae. The Electric Brae was indeed so exciting as birthday boy Vic Posse had advised that I almost managed to stay awake. But the antics of Charlie the dog fair put me off my dinner.

We'd ventured onto the mainland for the party - all balloons and what have you. When I say balloons, we were ordered to blow countless of the blighters up but, apart from a few bursting on the newly cut grass of the field we were in at the club hut for the party, they didn't see the light of day again. Still, the soup was great, the cakes too and we all had a grand time.

Here's former World Masters Track Cycling Champ Mr Smith making balloons, taken with the Kodak Cresta on Chinese film. Eh? And yes, Mr Smith is 84 and still riding his road racing bikes!

Always time for a cigi

I think I might have to take up smoking if I had to parade about in a hat of that shape while selling pieces of dead animals and Black Puddings [the very best I'm told, the original - just like the other dead animal bit sellers say]

I mean, goodness me, what were they thinking? Does one need to look like that at all?

The snap I think is fine. As someone said - HCB I believe - "sharpness is a bourgeois concept". He was wrong. Sharpness is a port in Gloucestershire.

Monday, July 21, 2014

See this person?

I passed him the other day. That's how he ended up on the film. Flew right through the lens and imprinted himself on the emulsion. I'm rather pleased about it.

I looked to get him on film again this morning but he had vanished. Into thin air - well, the air of Lewis tinged with dead fish and diesel anyway. Pity because I'm sure he would have loved the snap.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Could be a telephone electronic image. It isn't I might add. It's Frank - from O'er the road.

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's him again

If you knew this fella then you'd know why this is a good likeness. It 'feels' like him and everything. It's William, my former work colleague, good friend and husband of the long -suffering Gemma.

Sometimes when one is using a proper camera, the essence of the person can imprint itself on the emulsion. The soul not stolen away as some peoples worry but merely the essence of the soul is collected and savoured by the silver halide on the film.

I know, I may have to find a reference for this fact but rest assured, it is true.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Did I not tell you?

The island is closed. Shut and everything.

There are far too many poeples here at the moment flaunting their wind-burn as they trapse off their sailboats, out of camper vans and even, off the ferry. Granted there is the Heb Celt musical review and the boatee gathering as well but, and here' the rub, we have enough. There is only so much air to breathe eh? The deserted beaches often have two people on them and the cafes are busy. That's not the island I know.

So, please note; we are closed until further notice. Or should be anyway.

Look, does this print not tell you something?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A new day

I love a little stroll. Strolling around the nearby town of Stornoway for instance, sampling green teas, the air - essence of dead fish and diesel, tourists in town out of their camper vans for a moment or wandering off a visiting cruise ship. That's Stornoway in summer.

The sun has been shining till recently. Now the Heb Celt Festival is soon to open and the Maritime Festival too, the weather has gone back to normal. Here's a snap I took earlier with the UW&S. Has the touch of Flaneur about it I think.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Took the UW&S out for a boat ride again today only the sea stuff twas a tad choppy down Cromor way. Stopped us lurching into the harbour so we came back, Eve emptying her tummy in the process. We had fun all the same from the moment we stuck the bottom of the boat on the mud in Stornoway harbour, used the anchor to drag ourselves off to the time when we lost the rope prodding thing one uses to catch the big string to tie up with. The thing floated off across the harbour with me leaping - gingerly - into the tender to chase it and retrieve it.

Didn't stop me taking snaps though - although this is one I prepared earlier.


It's a lith print on old Kodak Polymax from a neg on Polypan-f taken in a Vivitar UW&S.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Having spent a good proportion of my working life in cycle racing environs, I cannot ignore the goings on in the Tour de France at the moment. The other days cobbled stage was magnificent. I prefer the Giro and Vuelta [Tours of Italy and Spain] if I'm honest as they are much purer and less Cola-ed up. Hence, last year Eve and I took some snaps in the snow of Mr Cavendish, Cummings and Co in the snow of the Dolomites. And this year we shall, all being well, snap some snaps in the hills of Galicia and what have you. As you do.

In the meantime, I sated my cycling appetite with helping on the local Audax - long distance non-competitive cycling event. Great fun with plenty of sights along the route. Like this one. The Butt.

I promise I'll get back in the darkroom soon and print some proper snaps!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mr Organiser and others

There's Mr Happy Organiser with electronic imaging device round his neck stepping out of the parked van into the fresh air with helper Eddie to see what the sign says.

John arrives at full-gas as Mr Windy leaps into action.

"What time does it get dark here then?"

Studious study of student-type cyclist.


More rabble in almost matching jerseys.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


A right funny lot in the main. Riding bikes seem to do that to them you know. Always full of cheer - and tea.
This chap, Hebridean Cycling Club rider John almost finished the 200km course before he started such was his swiftness. Had time for a cuppa at Bosta though.

Then there was this chap who shot around the 300km route saving the day for me, waking me from light slumbers at Ness.

Not everyone was in a hurry. Some had time to take in the scenery. I think they just missed the wedding party that came this way.

And the views are nice to be honest.

Monday, July 07, 2014


Don't ask me what AUDAX is. Look here and you can read to your hearts content.

We had a brilliant Audax here on the island over the weekend. nearly 90 erbs braved the local weather to ride courses over 300km and 110 km on Saturday and 200km on Sunday.

No, I didn't ride. Eve did but I did help out battling to stay awake while awaiting riders at The Butt of Ness for hours on end. Brilliant organisation by Ian Gilbert [aka Mr Windy] and fantastic cycling by everyone.

A gaggle of riders pass an old boatee on the way to a welcome soup at the Loch Erisort Inn on Sunday.

Proper scenery to gaze at while cycling along.

Yes, well. There is always one.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

That's it; I'll never make my bed again!

Didn't seem to do Tracey Emin any harm did it?

Not sure Eve would be too happy as it happens. Very particular is our Eve. And so she should be. See here, that's the Isle of Lewis. Yes, sunshine, hot sunshine too and trees. And everything.

Now, don't get any funny ideas about coming up here to visit there's plenty of souls here already.

I went out to the wee boatee to sort out the mechanical paddling device - only to find one has to fuel the thing! Got that sorted and took myself out for a sail - till the wind went.

Got this nice little camera from a very kind friend who has now got a electrical imaging machine. This new to me camera is so easy to use - does it all for you. Except developing the film - foma100 which I did in Acurol-N which is becoming a favourite of mine. There you are, I've said it.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I have not lost my touch

See, that's a nice snap isn't it? More sun I'm afraid. Can't be helped at the moment but if you are thinking of coming on holiday here, it's going to be raining soon! And there are too many people here on holiday already this year. It's closed. Yes, the island is closed.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Bin boating. That's because I am now a boatist - and Eve is too. We are boatists.

I took a camera too though. A Vivitar UW&S this time - on account that if it went in the old briney it would float and it has nothing to rust or anything much to go wrong in it. I put some film in too. Unlike the mechanical paddling device which wouldn't start - until I found out you need to put fuel in from time to time. :-)

Anyway, this was not today. Eve is at work earning a crust. I am eating it. Eating the crust - metaphorically anyway. Today it was warm so much so I had to take my jacket[s] off on the wee boatee. I mean, proper summer and everything. Not much wind though. Just enough to make me look silly with the sails phlapping as I did a few pirouettes as I tried to do boaty things.  Obviously, I meant to spin around and have the sail things waving about - just in case you were watching. It makes everyone else feel so competent.