Sunday, November 30, 2008


I bumped into Ivor Mackay the other day - phoning a friend at the side of the road to tell him of his flat car tyre. I stopped to help as one does, sympathised and went home. I've never taken a snap of Ivor but I have taken one of Chris Cyprus in Mossley, Lancs - and we have a couple of his peices gracing the walls of our home. Here's my snap of Chris in his studio in Mossley - taken with the Voigtlander Bessa 6x9 folding rangefinder. Nice.
Was all down hill for here. Seem to have lost my photographic confidence and eye at the moment!

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Rural Guerilla rests

Rocky, the Rural Guerilla from Ayrshire is no more. Rocky passed away peacefully at his home after a long life terrorising the locality in his younger days and warming hearts of others as he got older. Born 16 human years ago, this little Patterdale terrier was a working dog with a turn of speed and sharp teeth. Banned from his home, the local pub for acts of minor terrorism, Rocky was adopted by Vic Possee who brought him to his home to accompany Frank, the soft and warm hearted black Labrador who was to be his faithful companion for the rest of his life.
Rocky took a holiday last Christmas time for 4 months on the Isle of Lewis and enjoyed his regular strolls along the beaches of North Tolsta. Once the sand was between his toes he would get really excited and bound along throwing his paws forward - until the exertion got the better of him, usually after 20 yards - on account of his dodgy heart.
He leaves Frank, his long-time partner-in-crime and his step-dad Victor.
Will be much missed by all who met him.
No flowers please

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feeling better

The islands doctors have put me back on track and I'm now feeling much better thank you. I even spent a few moments in the darkroom today - although nothing much to show for it!
In the meantime, here's an image of my neighbour :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bristol Queen

This old boat plys from Weston-Super-Mud taking passengers out into the Bristol Channel. Delightful. I took this last week in the sunshine while visiting Mater in nearby Burnham-on-Sea. Ever since I got back I have been rather under the weather. Hoping the Doc can sort me in the morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


..we took off over The Minch last weekend to Inverness via Skye. The ferries were all over the place and the weather didn't look too bright so a shorter water borne trip is always the best bet. I was attending a Red Cross course inInverness to enable me to teach DeFib thingy. Great course but very hard work - and long. Still, had a nice time and then set off to Somerset by air to see Mater for a few days. Thankfully, the sun shone all the time I was there so the trips we took on local buses to Taunton, Watchet and Weston-Super-Mud were most enjoyable.
Anyway, here's Mother at home and waiting for the Bus.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bac home

Gosh, how lovely it is to be back on the island all snugged up in our little home with the fires burning and the dinner cooking in the Rayburn.
The ferry back over the Minch was a little exciting - especially as I seemed to have acquired a migraine as they day wore on.
A great trip to Somerset was had by me to see Mater, plus a Red Course course in Inverness while Eve my dear partner took off to Yorkshire to see her Mum. So mild down in Somereset - while here its snowing a bit and a lot over Inverness way. Yes, I took a camera but as yet the developing is pending.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still at it

I got a bit tired of going out into the terrible weather we have had of late, so took a hour of my life to make a still life with some of the detritus on the Winter Parlour table. Used the Spotmatic loaded with Era100.
I must say, when one looks at great still life photography, it does seem quite easy to do. In practice it is one of the most difficult forms I think. As the saying goes; "Its all about the light". Look here for a paper neg print by Andrew Sanderson - or here for another superb print by the same artiste.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Roy's Home

Just love this snap taken wif the pinhole at Roy's home. For the technical minded, the exposure was a few minutes or so, the film old Perutz developed in old print developer. Just Class.

Look see

When you get bored and need a little more film-related chat, there are two places to go to.
Filmwasters - as the name implies - a lot of wasters who use film to make images. Always inte5resting work to see and great people.
film-and-darkroom-user - a new one to me but looks interesting and all The Names are there.
The snap up loaded today here is not one of mine but of a neighbour who took this picture of his coow and wanted a copy to send to his girl friend. Eh?
Isle of Lewis life :-)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I'm alone at home for a few days while my dear Eve is in Londinium to see off our dear friend Monty on an eternal journey.
So, what with walking and popping into see my neighbour I've been hiding in the darkroom. Perhaps I may have a print to show soon! Meanwhile, here's another neg scan from The Wedding

Friday, November 07, 2008

My mornings

New Tolsta way
Rushing Home

I've taken to having a stroll around the village every morning for about an hour of late. I had the feeling that I have not been taking enough exercise so was determined to do something about it. This has given me a chance to see the village in a new light - see the village from different vantage points and so on. This morning saw me up to my knees in a bog on the moor! Yesterday I took in the next settlement - New Tolsta.

On the way home I passed by Roy's abode and enjoyed a fine coffee while we sorted out the world's problems. Despite the slight lack of sharpness - because Roy can't stay still for more than 10 secs, this image has a nice feel about it. Must be the light.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New office here?

or here?

What a couple of days

Autumn has dawned after a short winter - which seems par for the course these days. Mr Obama has won the local election over the pond and the days up here on the island are sublime.
My ploy for showing my bosses the gritty reality of working in a relatively remote place rather backfired on me as the sun shone all day long and the hoped for gale on the beach became an amazing light over the sea. Full marks for spotting the location

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I just want to mark the passing of a good friend, bon-viveur, fine husband of Fleur, film producer, author and photographer Andrew Montgomery aka Monty. Will be missed greatly.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Rosie & Stephen

They got married. And I wish them all the very best of luck for their future.

November - brain fade

Well, actually, brain fade happens all year but this, hey, what a mess. Made up this pinhole camera from an old Brownie box camera sans lens using some cunningly needle poked tin-foil stuck on the front of the film holder bit. Loaded wif old Perutz film I had knocking about and shot - 1 min exposures and the like. If I hadn't been there I would have thought I had been inside the camera!