Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Shadow play

I noticed Her Highness Henrietta Cartier-Bresson playing with her shadows the other day. I think perhaps she is working up a whole program.

I snapped her with the trusty Vivitar Ultra wide and slim camera

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018


By all accounts this summer has been exceptional. Exceptionally hot that is. And sunny. Neither are a thing we are used to but thankfully the rains have arrived back, the clouds with them and we can enjoy a usual summer day.

I'd been in the Toot's darkroom again recently, so tootled out while the light was good and shot off a roll of HP5 - just to make me feel like the world is really there or something.

Had two shots left on the roll when nearly home so stopped at a beach- there are many here - and exposed myself - as it were - there. This is one of them and I like it.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Melvins

Did I tell you we had a lovely visit from the Melvins of Mossley? Well, we did and it was terrific.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Soviets are failing

I have had this penchant for old Soviet cameras [I know, I know, don't start ...].
The Zorkis are a fav of mine and I do have a Zorki 6 with a Industar61 that works passably well. [and a gifted FED Zarya with Jupiter 12 that's sort of okish too] The lens is great but the body is less than willing at times with uneven exposures. I loved my Kiev 6c /60 cameras until the bodies failed. The last one has a jammed shutter. The other camera I like was/is the Kiev 4a. A delight to use I find - as long as you don't mind light leaks. The Jupiter8 lens I have with the camera I have at the moment is nice but, like most 4a bodies the flippin things have light leaks. The current one has irregular but annoying leaks - which really isn't surprising since the sun has been shining rather a lot of late - and it's not used to that. Maybe I shall keep it for inside shots in subdued light - like this shot [on Orwo N74] of the great Mr Toots recently - in an Lanntair checking out his new exhibition - Music to my eyes.

Though this one above worked out ok despite the sun. the one below was a dismal light leaked failure.