Friday, February 14, 2020

My lovely Valentine

The most wonderful and lovely Eve, here exiting the sea with Mr Windy after a bracing swim. Eve has spent the last twenty years or so with me and I am so very happy about this as she makes life so wonderful and puts up with my whinging.
She is the most wonderful valentine i could imagine being part of my life and I love her so very much.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

I shall be 'doing' this

I'm going in darkroom soon. I mean, I may well have been in the darkroom already - with this neg. Trying to do something interesting with the neg like this digi knock off.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A wee breeze

As I write there's a wee breeze again today. And hail, and snow on the way I believe. I don't care to be honest. Not on working shift this week, no need to rush around, I can just take a little snap indoors and then disappear into the darkroom - or not.

I have just found this old seascape [sorry and all that] snap from 2011 taken on the Perkeo at the big beach.

Have a look here, I did.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

a flowery thing

See. A tulip thing. Red and white. In black and white with a touch of brown.
I was playing in the Warming Room, next to the Raeburn as the wind howled and the rain lashed outside. Using some old Ilford RC as a neg and developed in the darkroom [via outside] . Here above shown as a digitally inverted and slightly coloured positive.

Not the usual view of a tulip I must say. Not sure John Blakemore would approve. I was using the FKD 'camera' that came via a good pal in Azerbaijan. It has no shutter, no anything much and mine is held together with elastic bands and gaffer tape. I stuck a 2x close-up lens over the lens to get closer and to be honest, I rather like the effect.

The neg is almost as nice - below.