Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm doing something

Not sure really why I am doing this but have just been grovelling round in the loft for a bike. I found it too.

Eve has entered the Eroica Britannia cycle event in England next year. One has to ride a bike from 1987 or earlier. Eve will ride Vic's Dutch Eroba which is also in the loft. It's a classic 1960s machine - 531 tubing, Campag chainset and gear and Mafac brakes. Even got some Michelin Hi-lite tyres [from the 1990s]  to finish it off.

I'm going to be going too - and if we can squeeze it in the tiny car we have I shall take the Argos that has been in the loft. This was it last time I used it. Isn't it lovely eh? All light tubing [Ishiwata] , fag paper clearances, 28 spoke wheel and 5 or 6 speed. I know, I know, it has a double clanger on here but not now - going back to it's original guise when it propelled Graham Wilman to time trial brilliance. Not sure if it will go down with us and if it does, not sure if I will be up to riding it but hey!

Friday, October 30, 2015


This is a sheeps. It was there waiting for me the other day when I strolled this. Must have known I was coming I suppose. Sneaky them sheeps, trust me.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Was like this in North Tolsta on Monday.
Tuesday it was damp, and blowy.

Goodness knows what it's doing today in North Tolsta. Wait I'll look out the window.....

No, wish I hadn't bothered.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Of course I have posted it before...

It is my fav snap of that place down there. In Rodel and everything. With a touch of Fay Godwin I think.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

This pleases me

I'm a sucker for cheap cameras and this camera I used was cheap. Cheap when I bought it second-hand anyway. The Pentax Espio 170sl looks lovely - small an sleek, smooth and silvery type of thing. It takes Ok snaps too - if you point it in the right direction but the thing I really like is the little switch that makes the thing panoramic. I say panoramic and it is I suppose but it does this by shutting off two thirds of the 35mm frame. The effect is excellent in my eyes - but then I am easily pleased, thankfuly.

I found the camera today with a few frames left [down the back of the settee]  and finished the roll on a short stroll in the howling wind down to see The Crofter. Since the weather is so awful, I developed the film [Foma400 in DDX] straight away. Was it worth it?

Cromor rush hour

 Housing estate

This is a road. In Cromor

Saturday, October 24, 2015

This says most things worth saying today

It's ok, I'll wait here while you read it. It is worth a moment.

Anyway, I'll continue with my three penny worth.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Coelynes

The Coelynes are not here on the island any more. They lived here once for some years and that was lovely. Now they have relocated to Essex of some such back of beyond place doon south. We miss them here.

On a recent Coelynes whirlwind visit to the island I happened to have what passes for a camera with me and snapped them - several times. That's Barbara at the top, on the beach. Oh and Coelyne himself too - on the beach in typical 'hide my face' stance

Oh dear, Coelyne on the naughty seat. There you are!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Weddings. Done my share. One this year in England. Proper job and everything. No church but a country house. No pro photographer either so we all took a few snaps. Mind you, the groom [whom I'd known for too many decades to think about] brought his staff armed with a pixel collector to do the job. I had the Baby Graflex which looks the part but is a pain to use in such circumstances. Oh and a FED Zarya and a OM1n..

Yes I took some snaps. As usual, my snaps don't look like others' snaps. Perhaps I shoul set myself up as a weeding photographer. Note; Weeding not wedding :-0

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Was that the....

Blue man of the Minch?

I think not since I snapped it in Richmond, Londinium. Looks very like one though. Like I imagine they could look like should they exist.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I met a man the other day

This wasn't him, trust me. This man he was on the beach, you know the thing, great big over-pixelled camera with a lens as long as his campervan parked nearby, taking snaps. Snaps I ask you. For postcards - eh? What is point?
Anyway, he told me he was going to clone the footprints out - on the pooter! Maybe he should have got there as the tide was going out.

Sun is shining today. That summer we never had so maybe a little sail this morning. Maybe.

This is at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. That's the one reason for going there I can tell you although there is a nice building on a nearby bridge - oh, and the boats on the canal. And the mother in law nearby - obviously.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

lost pixels

An Lanntair lost some pixels yesterday, fell out of the projector all over the cinema floor just before the film  was about to start so, we didn't get to see the film about Greenland in the Hebrides Film Festival. The little pile of pixels sat on the carpet glistening as they were waiting to be swept up. Seems like the short archive film the same day went the same way. Great programme all the same - on all week all over the island.

I realise know that it couldn't have been Yorkshire here. Maybe Taunton with branches like that.

But we were at Kew Gardens. Like you can be. Nice.

Cost an arm and a leg mind you bit well worth the trip. Hadn't been there for ages. Since last century some time as it happens. There's some lovely art galleries there now too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pah! And again Pah!

I think I mean Pah anyway. I feel like I mean Pah.

Not the image - that's obviously a masterpeice. Taken while I was alive during the Middle Ages. You can tell that by the faces and the stances can't you? I had to pretend I didn't know about photography at the time - which wasn't too difficult as no-one knew what photography was. I must have tuned into Futurist Dynamic photography as well - only that had yet to be realised by anyone. Or maybe I dreamt that?

Just climbed out the damp hovel that is my darkroom, blinking into the rain-soaked sky wondering why I had bothered. Sloshed this and that, shined a light through the other but nothing terrific to show for it tbh. Nothing half-terrific either. That's why I said 'Pah'.

Friday, October 09, 2015

That's my soggy biscuit

No, doesn't cut my biscuit either, but I was there, had a camera in my hand with film and there you are. Rock, electricity poles and water.

Had a a nice day though.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Lights in the north

No, no, I have no snaps of the Northern Lights. You can see the over-coloured snaps elsewhere. Suffice to say it was the most amazing show I've seen. Wavy curtains of green and red with touches of purple. Searchlights of something and banks of something else right overhead. I was so excited I forgot to get cold - although it is rather mild up here at the moment.

I didn't sleep. Not sure whether it was the show overhead that did it or the excitement of a day with Toots and his 4x5 over on the west side. Mr Toots is 'doing' a project. When I say 'doing' I mean has actually started a project he has been talking about for at least 8 years to my knowledge. I'd dragged his out of his gaff earlier as the sun was shining - and I know he likes that. Took his Tootship to Callanish harbour - or do I mean pier? Wherever, Toots did get a shot of the thing having surveyed the place thoroughly until the sun went it. Not sure that was the purpose but still, we got a cuppa at the ever-expanding cafe there and took in those stone things [yawn] and then Carloway.

See, that's Toots wrestling his 4x5 into shape, exposing a sheet or two on his project - of which I shall say no more as it's his prerogative / perspective to bluster about.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

I feel a series coming on

I had the title [Two Feet, One Minch] and now I have some snaps. This one [One foot, One Minch] on Garry beach. Nice eh?

Saturday, October 03, 2015

I had an OM1n with me

Just as well really; this tree was sat there waiting for me to snap it up. With an OM1n you can do that - nicely without wasting pixels an all that sort of thing. Try it sometime.

You don't have to go to Cornwall to do it.

Friday, October 02, 2015


No idea where this place is/was. Some old tin mines round the area. Tea shoppe/ice creams you need a defibrillator on hand to eat and people. Yes people. Lots of people even though you can't see many here. Trust me, they were there - as we were.

When I say 'we' I mean dearest Eve, the dogs Mattie, Dilly and the other one plus their pets The Hunters. Ellen and Paul to be precise. Here sunning themsleves while I snap them.

Oh, there they go up the hill with doggies. Must have said something I suppose.
We saw them later though. Stopped in their house and everything. Twas lovely.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Down Devon way

 The very wonderful James Ravilious worked round this way and I think you can see that in the shape and form of the land.

I don't pretend my snaps are as wonderful as Mr Ravilious but I felt his presence there. I saw the 'form' but not the light.