Friday, July 21, 2006

Agfa Record

A very good chum of mine in the USofA kindly sent this little gem to me but I really have not had the time or energy to get to know it. Today, I was out for a light stroll on the local canal with Mondo, my long-time friend and I took the camera with me. Apparently, I had already loaded it with some Delta 400 that was sent my way on a recent trip to the Ilford factory.
Since I don't have a metric rangefinder, it was a bit of guessimating on the focussing. Still, wide open at f4 this wasn't too bad - even if I have not quite got used to the parrallex issues yet.
Sloshed in Aculux2. Scanned in RGB.

This other snap was on the same roll. Probably a bit smaller on the aperture front - the steps down to my abode. I shall be getting to know this gem a bit better soon with results like these.

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