Monday, August 21, 2006


This, I am informed, is surveillance film. But since I got it from Silverprint for next to nothing for a tin of 100' , it had to be worth a go. Trouble is, I just haven't had any luck with it despite sloshing it in Aculux2 [which I usually prefer] and FX-39 [which is another favourite]. Today, I tried Rodinal - or R09 [1-50] as this one is. I hadn't tried this combo before since I had read that it is terrible. The film had been exposed in a Minolta A5 rangefinder with a sharp Rokkor lens. Half the film went in this soup, the other half in ID11 [1+1].
As it happens, theR09 with APX400s isn't half bad while the Id11 is great. See for yourself - flickr - MiLady.

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