Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kiev visits again!

After my last foray with the kiev 6c, I thought that dalience had ended. These beasts are not known for the their robustnes in use unless you have in mind cracking someones skull open. The last one I had came all the way from a former Russian state and sported a hole in the shutter curtain - that bounced in use anyway, a tempremental film winding mechanism and an aperture ring that twirled but did nothing. Still, I like portraits at f2.8 and the case was nice.
now, I have just been given another beast of this ilk - a Kiev60 and, at the moment it seems to be working - properly. Apart from the lightmeter that is.
So, seeing I didn't want to waste energy on a film shoot that only delivered overlapping frames and the like, i shot off a a roll of hp5 quickly and sloshed it up in R09 . a few hairs on the neg to liven things up a bit but we have images!
Shot indoors, wide open at 1/30th.

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