Monday, December 18, 2006

Sans tripod

So, what do you do when you came across a scene with the essense of lovelyness yet it's barely bathed in low-light, you have 100asa film and an old camera with f3.5 for a spot of wide openess.

You use the wall - surely. of course this does rather upset the tenets of capitalism whereby you are encouraged to own every mono-tri or quad pod known to man, have a huge rucksak to hold them and a magensium wheeled, carbon fibre and aerodynamic shopping trolley to drag the whole lot around with you.

Well I, being the cheapest of cheapskates, look around to find something to lean on or hold the camera on. here we have a case in point. the good thing is that it allows and extra Flickr grouping in 'dry-sone wall'. Cool.

Anyway, twas made in the V Bessa folding Rf [6x9] with some fp4 inside which i then sloshed around in some R09. Sorted. I came across this Jug Band later in the day

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