Monday, March 12, 2007


Never been there before so my dear partner Eve & I took off in our ancient mobile and arrived in Formby to be confronted with hoardes of visitors. The NT site was heaving, car park full and ice-cream seller doing a roaring trade despite the overcast conditions.

Weather had taken it's toll on the dunes and the hundreds of feet takingshorts cuts has not helped.
Here, the sand moving had exposed mud-rock which had carved off creating a interesting residue at the base of the dune on the beach side.
The beach was too crowded for Eve & I so we took off up the path inland towards trees, home for red-squirrel [see top].

Here we came across the nice NT man who was evicting the frog spawn who, since they hatch earlier than the natterjack toads, see the toad spawn as legit food.

Had a lovely stroll along with my Minolta A5 rangefinder and some APX400 film which was then souped in LC29

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