Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just flown in to the island from the mainland after a brief visit to Manchester for work and then Somerset to see Mother. On the flight back i heard there were some popsters on board the little plane. Try as I might I could not work out who it was since there were no 6" platform shoes, no barely dressed bimbos or pianos disappearing through the little airplane's portholes. There was some chunky chap with a bald head that the stewardess used as ballast moving from the back to the front of cabin so the thing could take off - but he didn't look to much like a popster - unless Gary Glitter was back in the country. My lovely partner Eve pointed out the 'stars' to me when we eventually arrived in Stornoway after some time circling the skies in search of gap in the clouds. Twas The Proclaimers I'm told. Some hip-songsters who are playing the Hebridean Festival on Friday - and I'm going I'm assured. They looked a bit ordinary as it happens. No glitter or throwing up or nufink. I did briefly think about asking if they wanted me to scream or something but since I was a bit bit tired I just couldn't be bothered. And it looked like their hearing aids couldn't take it anyway!.

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