Monday, October 01, 2007

Ok, the pic is not sharp. The 'camera' [Kiev 6c] is shot with holes in the shutter curtain and film transport issues - all of which wasn't really helped by using Lucky100 film. But this snap does something for me. Must be the lens - and th subject - Donald, a local chap who used to work the fishing boats from our beach many years ago. He's not too well these days but found the energy to go out with a fishing rod to the end of the old concrete peir.
Would love to know what you feel about this one.

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Bosse said...

As you say, it has some technical flaws but they really don't matter.
It looks like he doesn't mind the camera at all, instead all his attention is aimed towards (I guess) the fishing. If I may suggest maybe a little bit of the dead area in the sky could be cropped away? Anyway, I like it.