Monday, December 31, 2007

1930s plate

So I put this SELOCHROME plate - made by Ilford - into the Ziess Ilkon. Eve shots it at 30asa and I develop it in LC29. Something happened of which I am not too sure but, here I am in my best 'weather' outfit on Traigh Mhor dunes.


Jose Maria Farfaglia said...

It happened a long time for this but I have in my hands a box of Ilford Selo-chrome plates and other plates Kodak Super Pancro-Press P1200. I am a photographer for over 30 years but never met these plates.
Can you tell me more about them, something that can help me start with some test?
Thank you very much.

Andrea Ingram said...

To be quite honest Jose, I don't really know what I am doing with these. Shoot at low asa and over develop is what I do !

Jose Maria Farfaglia said...

Ok. Andrea.
Thank you very much.