Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bad weather - again

Rocky, checking out the beaches - yesterday. What a difference a day makes!

There's a little stormette raging outside and the ferries are not playing again. Just as well really since the waves in the Minch look nasty and might be nausea inducing should you be daft enough to cross the Minch today. I've shut the doors and windows and lit the fire so we [Frank, Rocky and myself - Eve not having come home yet] are nice and cosy in here - although the Jon Norfolk Suite [aka The Darkroom] has sprung a leak in the roof. Just as well it's not at the other end of the room since that's where the leci is! I wonder if my old pal Graham Leeke might be willing to troll over from Manc to fix the thing?? Oh no, he can't. The ferry is not running.

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