Friday, December 21, 2007

FED up

Rocky being brave. Got caught out on the way back when the edge of the sand-cliff gave way but he still managed to scamble through without falling.

I have not been having too much success with the old picture taking of late. There are a myriad of cameras lurking around the hoose - plate cameras, folders, rangefinders, scale focus, slrs, medium, large and 35mm format - oh and 110; Colour and B&W film in the freezer. X-ray too. But can I take a decent snap???
So, I take out the FED rangefinder - the one with the dodgy film speed thing - it's stuck on around 1/50-1/100th I think. Loaded it with APX400 - the grainy one - and snapped away at anything using the aperture for changing the exposure - all guessed. Souped it in R09 @ 1:200 or thereabouts for around 2hours - well, just when I remembered about it actually. I didn't even take the temp of the water bt it was cold! And hey ho, its the best I have ever seen with this film!

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