Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Posting for Christmas

With the last day for posting looming, I should point out that the Western Isles post office have been having a few issues. Firstly there are the normal issues of ferries not running and planes delayed because of the inclement weather we had recently - the issues of widespread and disperate offices and boxes. And the main post office burning down. Nearly forgot that!
Here, the box is on Bernera.
Another common issue for rural areas is the possible closure of village post-offices and our village of North Tolsta is no exception and we will not know for sure that will we still have one till Feb 2008.


Barry said...

I found your blog as much by accident as anything. I discover I've stayed for well over an hour, greatly enjoying your very dramatic photos. As a young couple, my great, great grandparents lived for a year on the Isle of Lewis, while my my g,g,grandfather worked on the County Courthouse. Their little son, James Green Fraser, was born died and is buried there. My wife and I weren't able to visit the Isle of Lewis during our last trip to Scotland from Canada; after seeing your photos, I think we made a big mistake.

Andrea Ingram said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it BArry. HAve a great Christmas and hope to please yor eye again soon.