Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good weather

The last few days have brought us great weather. So good that I have rather overdone the walking as I take the dogs to enjoy the sun. Living here, when the sun is up, the place is likeliving in paradise. When the wind is howling, the rain lashing; more like the other place!
For ease, I took the Retinette and finished off a roll of Era100 - Chinese film - and then soaked it in R09 1:200 for two hours or so.
Here's snaps of our local beach - and the track to another where there is some wonderful rock.
Oh, and a special hello and best wishes to my 'down under' friends & readers Max & Maureen .

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering us. We have been enduring 42degree celsius New Year weather. Your part of the world looks wonderful. We enjoy your blog very much. Good health to you for 2008. Regards M & M