Sunday, January 06, 2008

Playing with Cyanotypes

I love cyanotypes. Lets get that straight. Not the bright blue ones you usually see but lovely toned ones like this .
So, armed with an enlarged digital negative from a 6x9 neg taken in Saddleworth with my very good chum Jon, I set to work. Now, I only have some Bockingford watercolur paper that Mum sent me in the vain hope I may paint - and, in the past I have not had good success with this stuff. Liam Lawless emailed me to say that one needs to soak the paper in acid. The only acid I had was stop bath. And it works.
I coated when the paer was still damp, exposed under UV lamp for two hours and 'developed' in water and peroxide.
Ok, it is blue. But I will print another and tone in coffee. Or tea, or herbs.

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Jim Read said...

Thanks for the link Andrea, I like your stuff too, wish I was there to enjoy some of the scenery, instead of here in Brum. Kind regards - Jim Read