Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stroll along Tolsta village

Before I had my stroll, the boys - Rocky and Frank took Eve & I for a walk on Traigh Mhor - one of the local beaches.

The sun was out so took off with the Kiev rangefinder and some apx400s. Here we are at the top of the road leading to the cemetry on the machair.
Down the cemetry road and looking back up to this part of the village across various crofts.
Bit of rural furniture here.
The road to the cemetry. A nice last journey - if the weather is kind.
Looking out over the crofts, decrepid farm machinery and the coast
Some 'locals'. Actually, they are 'white-settlers' since the locals are browny-black.

Back towards home and a croft overlooking the sea - as they all do!

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