Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sea Boot

When the sun shines - as it has for the last two days, the Outer Hebrides is an unbeatable place to be. The beaches here are superb and hardly anyone on them - even on a great day. I toodle down at least once perhaps twice a day to walk the dogs, peruse the shapes in the sand and appreciate the light. I found this boot yesterday - no doubt having fallen off a trawler in the recent storms.
FED with stuck shutter speed ERA100/R09

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Anonymous said...

Hay Andrea

Thanks for your e-mail the other day, great to hear from you. Spent some time going over the blog and you've got some great pics, but I guess everyone is telling you that. Looks stunning up there.

Louise is continuing to get better on the track... I'm getting better at spectating. She is into the Madison at the moment. All the guys at the track are helping her out... the usual suspects... Brian, John, Pete and Brendan. Your track table is legendary... how good is that!!!! I want one!!!

Anyway, seems like swapping the boards for beach and breeze was a good one for you. I've had a long day and so I'm not sure that my swap (for bodies, breaks, bugs and bruises) was such a good one. I need a sleep!

Catch up with you soon.

H and Lou