Friday, February 29, 2008

Western Isles Bloggers

Rocky, sunbathing
It seems that this blog - such as it is, has been given a mensh on another blog all about Western Isles Bloggers. Very nice and thank you Silversprite . Actually, its an interesting piece even though it lacks photos - which I like and it has put in touch with some other blogs on the isles and that must be good. Of course, there is always the BBC island bloggers where there is an occasional very funny piece - although it seems like it takes months for new posts to be put up.
But, since this primarily a blog for photos, here's one I prepared earlier. [and I have got my Blue Peter badge since you ask].
Oh and out new multi-fuel stove arrived today thanks to Woody's boys. Looking forward to that burning in the Summer Parlour.


MalcolmJ said...

I’ve just spent a happy hour reading your blogg after finding it by chance on filmwasters. I should have been working. Harris Tree started it all. It really brightened my day. Keep taking the photographs.
Film Rules

Andrea Ingram said...

Thanks Malcolm.