Monday, March 10, 2008

A print

The other day while the sun was shining in between the sleet/snow showers, we took the doggies for a stroll near the top end of Stornoway Castle Estate oop the River Creed. Just be the car park these birch trees fascinated me. I shot some colour film in the pinhole and shot a couple of frames of B&W.
Taken wif the Zorki6 just back from being caressed into life by Oleg in Russia and using cheap but good IlfordPan400 film sloshed in R09 - a Rodinal clone.
Now, I have read manys the times on sites such as APUG [see link on sidebar] the the scan bears no resemblance tot he print. well, I never beleived them but this one is case in point.
on old opld kodak PolyPrint RC/VC

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