Saturday, April 26, 2008

Retro Jon

I love this image. Just does something for me. Mind you , Jon featured here astride his retro BMX bike that sits in his apartment in Salford, is a really nice chap. In fact you could not meet a nicer person - period. Eve & I stayed overnight here on our recent visit down south and we could almost feel the good vibes emanating down from an apartment above where an Olympic cycling champion resides.
All being well Jon will be steering a tandem for Ant 'Jam-Man' Kappes in Bejing later this year

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Anonymous said...

hey, i also love this does something for me too...maybe it's the fresh feeling of a new apartment, combined with the vintage/'old' bike, that is facing towards the ever so slightly over exposed windows of opportunity....or maybe 'retro jon' is just a hot subject...hmmm, to ponder...always a pleasure reviewing your work...and he does ooze niceness