Monday, May 26, 2008

Been South

The lochens on North Uist are dry!

Taransay. It could be the West Indies. It's not, it's better!
Just back from a few days south of home but still in the Hebrides - Harris,
Taransay, Berneray and North Uist - on the bikes and camping.
Ok, here's the first neg-scans. The first one is on N.Uist, the second Berneray and our campsite and the last two from a roll I took on Taransay on a trip organised by the Island Book Trust. A fine day was had by all - especially Eve & I. The island is owned by Angus who also owns the camping site at Horgabost and runs a jet-boat trip to this island in the summer. Well worth the trip too.

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donnie said...

i camped at horgabost two weeks ago - caribbean blues and no clouds for four days - actually too all over sunny for my kind of pics - i must go to taransay this summer