Saturday, May 17, 2008

Biking again

I have been out on my bicycle. First time for years since I have been recovering from CFS lately yet managed a couple of rides along the coast to Bac and back! Lovely to feel my old legs turning the pedals again - although not as fast as my dear partner Eve used to. Eve was World Masters track Cycling Champion in 2006.
Anyway, took the time to stop and chat to this chap who was planting down near the beach in Breavig - then snapped him wif my Zorki6 loaded with ilfordPan400. I had to distract the fine fellow with inspired questions about cabbage root fly and like - but he was quite happy to have me snapping away. Sadly the place is mired by old cars - this was one of two.
Found this nice scene on the way to Breavig too - looking out over Gress.


Anonymous said...

nice to know you are back on the bike. Enjoy your pics very much. All best. M and M

donnie said...

what an amazing gate......