Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rock & Sand

Rock & Sand - Traigh Mhor

Sam on Strawberry Hill
The weather up here has been tremendous of late. Sunshine and a soft breeze has been making the place feel more like the Caribbean. In between cutting the peats, I have managed a little snapping. Her's a couple from the Zorki rangefinder. Film is Era100

Big up to Jon Norfolk [sen in yesterdays Van Dyke print] and Ant 'Jam-Man' Kappes who won the World Cup paralympic tandem kilo TT today with a world record time. great rides from members of Yasumitsu-Schlapp.
More Schlappers, Ellen Hunter who rides with Aileen Mcglynn MBE and Paul Hunter who rides the tandem with Ian Sharpe are riding thr World cup so we wait with anticipation.

Ellen Hunter with MiLady Mcglynn took the womens kilo tt and yet another world record. Getting a bit boring now...

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