Monday, June 23, 2008

Bin to the beach for a change

Wif the 1950s Ilford Sporti and some HP5 film.

I have any number of fancy cameras as well as a cupboard full of dodgy ones but somehow this little gem of a camera made for Ilford by Dacora just does it for me. Not sure why, perhaps its the lack of controls on the thing that prevents me from messing things up or maybe it frees me up to compose shots better. Or maybe it the lens - some simple thingy by the looks of it - that gives a lovely soft image we se here. Or maybe its just me that thinks the images are great!

I control things like exposure with the section of 'sunny' [about f16] or 'cloudy' [f11] and sereptitious use of coloured filters held in front of the lens. That would be a deep red with HP5 in sunny conditions and yellow when its cloudy and the same film. Focus is easy - 'portrait', 'group' or 'landscape' on a screw focus thing.

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