Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Just back from quick bobbing up and down in The Minch aboard the good ship An Sulaire. A short sail around under the tutorship of Iain. Nice trip but gosh such hard work putting up the sail and then changing the flipping thing again to come back in!

There's a fine new building going up in the village at the moment supported by a generous grant from the EU - or so I am told - under Objective 6. The construction, under the eagle eye of Curls is progressing well and once completed will be opened with dancing girls and juggles in attendance. See here for further details.

Took out an hour of my day to try out some old ORWO East German B&W printing paper I got hold of. Good stuff too. Snap taken with 1936 Super Ikonta A with GP3 film souped in APH09 and printed on ORWO 'normal' grade paper.

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