Friday, July 11, 2008

Buckingham Palace shambles

As one might imagine, when 7000 loyal, many elderly Red Cross volunteers turn up for a party in your garden and its pouring rain, you usher them out into the garden where they have to stay wallowing around in the mud while you stay inside in front of the fire nibbling crumpets and drinking hot chocolate. Such was the case yesterday at Buckingham Palace when horrendous weather visiting the Red Cross centenary garden party- and the hosts had made no provision at all for the people there. None were allowed to stay in the house or in the tea-tents but had to huddle in the rain.
Some were even stretchered off after being overcome by the conditions - just as well it was a Red Cross party!
I am rather amazed since a risk-assessment should have been made [bad weather in the English summer? - never!] and not what seems to be a total disregard for health & safety.


Anonymous said...

I was there too, horrendous! anna

Anonymous said...

It was dreadful. I had so looked forward to the event as a reward (unsought)for my work with the Red Cross.
I felt really sorry for the many elderly ladies there in wheelchairs. Has the Queen not heard of duck boards ? The mud in the tea tent really did ooze over the tops of my shoes.