Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Red Cross

Now here's a thing; my dear mother, who lives - with the keys of the town don't you know - in the once thriving Highbridge in Somerset. I'm not too keen on the place as it happens but Mum loves it since she has many chums and can go to the sea front in Burnham on Sea at a whim - or on the bus. To keep herself busy - and keeping busy is something that Mother has always done - hence the keys to the town thing - Mum has been working as a volunteer for the Red Cross. My late Father volunteered for them too and I remember the crowded church at his funeral and wall-to-wall red cross badges therein.
Anyway, Mum is off to Londinium today - with the Red Cross to take part in a garden party at Buck Pal, you know, the tied cottage where the Royal people live - sometimes. Its the centenary of the Red Cross. Mum has been to the Pal before for a garden party - with me as it happens [I think it was with Duke of Ed Award thing if I can recall ]. That time it rained - a lot - and Mum's expertly home-made and rather gorgeous hat gradually collapsed leaving a interesting stain around her forehead. Always gives us something to laugh about does that. This time Mum has taken into consideration the vagaries of the English summer and made her new hat impervious to rain - she hopes. Just as well since here is the Londinium forecast for today

Local areas affected

Warning type

Valid from

Valid to

London & South East England:


Isle of Wight


Heavy Rain 0600 Wed 9 2000 Wed 9

Rain will become heavy and prolonged this morning and will persist for much of the day. Falls of 25 to 35 mm are expected on already saturated ground, with perhaps in excess of 40 mm. The rain will ease later this evening.

The public are advised to take extra care and refer to the latest Environment Agency Floodline and Flood Warnings in force, and also to refer to the Highways Agency for further advice on traffic disruption on motorways and trunk roads.

Issued at: 0334 Wed 9 Jul

Oh dear. Seems like they all will be huddled in the marques jostling for little sandwiches and fairy cakes washed down with weak tea while trying to ignore the dribble of rain-water down ones back! As it was last time!

Meanwhile, back in sunny Stornoway, I'm also with the Red Cross doing a little tutoring for them. How's that for coincidences?

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