Saturday, November 01, 2008

November - brain fade

Well, actually, brain fade happens all year but this, hey, what a mess. Made up this pinhole camera from an old Brownie box camera sans lens using some cunningly needle poked tin-foil stuck on the front of the film holder bit. Loaded wif old Perutz film I had knocking about and shot - 1 min exposures and the like. If I hadn't been there I would have thought I had been inside the camera!

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Ravindra Bhalerao said...

The lower picture is GRAND, Andrea. Besides box cameras, I also love pinhole ones, although I have never taken pictures with one. But I do like to keep dreaming that I shall do so some day, after I have learnt enough of darkroom developing and printing.

The lower picture looks as if it was taken by one of the pioneers of old, struggling with large wooden cameras, slow emulsions, and equally slow lenses. It has got the classic feel to it, and believe me, you get the distinct feeling as if you are looking at the tree trunk from inside the camera !!!