Friday, November 28, 2008

A Rural Guerilla rests

Rocky, the Rural Guerilla from Ayrshire is no more. Rocky passed away peacefully at his home after a long life terrorising the locality in his younger days and warming hearts of others as he got older. Born 16 human years ago, this little Patterdale terrier was a working dog with a turn of speed and sharp teeth. Banned from his home, the local pub for acts of minor terrorism, Rocky was adopted by Vic Possee who brought him to his home to accompany Frank, the soft and warm hearted black Labrador who was to be his faithful companion for the rest of his life.
Rocky took a holiday last Christmas time for 4 months on the Isle of Lewis and enjoyed his regular strolls along the beaches of North Tolsta. Once the sand was between his toes he would get really excited and bound along throwing his paws forward - until the exertion got the better of him, usually after 20 yards - on account of his dodgy heart.
He leaves Frank, his long-time partner-in-crime and his step-dad Victor.
Will be much missed by all who met him.
No flowers please

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