Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have not used this film for ages - in fact I only thought about it when I dug out this old snap taken at Herne Hill in London some years ago. It a snap of a motor-pace bicycle race. Rare as hens teeth these days but quite popular way back then. And yes, that is a Triumph Bonniville pacing that chap [I think - or a Norton :-) ]

Just had a lovely visit from fellow incomer Gayle who runs a very active and entertaining blog called View for the island. Great to have a chat and a moan about things in general. Gayle rightly flags up the new plans for green electricity generating wave power scheme planned for the island, something The Croft blog does too. My gripe is that little has been done or planned to look at the demand side of the equation. I think we should be looking at the mess that is the financial crisis as an opportunity to redirect our lives to something more sustainable - especially on this island. After all, if Samso can do it, so can we.
I might add I have written to the MSP about this - nothing has happened yet. check out his blog ;-)


viewfromtheisland said...

that is really interesting about Samso - are Rum (or maybe Egg) trying something similar
how great would it be to do that here!
PS thank for a lovely afternoon!

H and Lou said...

I think the MSP might still be on holiday! Interesting stuff - shame the smog of Manchester means that neither wind nor light penetrates with enough volume to do anything more than cause a chill! With all this rainfall we could look at hydroelectric though.

Is your exhibition up yet? Feb isn't it??

Andrea Ingram said...

Yes, the exhibition is on for another 2 weeks I think.