Wednesday, March 18, 2009


After a wonderful day yesterday when the sun shone, the breeze dissapeared for a while and the beach was a real pleasure, the rain - or drizzle and mist - has come back. Now wonder apparently. When Eve & I ventured over to see Alastair to take him his paper, he told us that if the mountains on the manland get that close - by which I think we mean "seem that close" because of the clear air, then bad weather is come - despite what the forecastrs said. He was right.

It will soon be time to get cutting the peat for the fire. Hopefully, we will have some lovely dry weather like last year and my back will be feeling like the top and bottom of it are joined and I can get out on t'moor. Here's a snap from last year with the old Massey waiting to be loaded up by Paul the Crofter.


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