Friday, May 29, 2009

Mi Lady O.B.E

MiLady OBE on 'arris
Fresh from winning yet another gold medal at the World Cup Paralympic event in Manchester last week, MiLady Mcglynn popped up to the home-stead on the isle for a spot of relaxatery and what have you. As usual, twas lovely to see her again since Ms Mcglynn and I go back to when it all started sometime in 2001 at the Manchester Velodrome where I worked at the time.
If you don't know who MiLady is; she was on some BBC ALBA programme recently; she has won countless acheivement awards to complement her three Paralympic gold medals won with her tandem pilot Ellen Hunter in Athens and Bejing.
Makes me tired just thinking about it.
If you troll down the links on this blog you'll find Aileen's blog - which she faithfully swore she will update this weekend - when she gets back from the islae.

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