Monday, June 01, 2009


Despite the rest of the Uk basking in the warm sunshine, Tolsta, the village where I reside, cowers under a local mist. I say local because if you pop down the road a mile or two its clear!
The great thing about this is that it doesn't get too hot and I can manage an hour in the darkroom. But not before i took a light stroll around the village and called for an idle chat wif the locals.


donnie said...

i like a good mist - skye is baking hot - spain style - but rubbish for my kind of pics

Barney said...

Oh me, oh my, a photographer who still uses silver iodide and a darkroom! Lang may yer lum reek adn keep on posting those evocative, crafted gifts to us who have fallen by the wayside into digital darkness (which is actually quie a good life but too EASY).