Friday, June 19, 2009

A musical voyage

Gwyn, The Huffsters in t'middle and Simon wif some medals.

Do you ever get a sort of strange deja vu when you are trying to chill out so to speak. I had this feeling whilst listening to Voyages de Nuit at An Lanntair last nuit.

Some years ago when I was working teaching people how to ride round in ovals on a bit of wood on bicycles in Manchester, I ran a cycle team. The team name was yasumitsu-schlapp-and I think if you google that you will get the idea. We had some great riders - Paralympic triple gold medalist Ellen Hunter who piloted Aileen Mcglynn to the wins on a tandem in Athens & Bejing, Ant Kappes - twice paralympic tandem stoker at Bejing, and countless national and World Masters champions including my dear partner Eve. And not forgetting The Huffsters [Phil Huff / FilHough etc]- an over-muscled sprinter with that languid stylee that made him so laid back he was in gave danger of falling asleep.

Well, I sat there in An Lanntair letting the music wash over me and wondered why the Huffsters was up there playing a 4x10 Gandolfi accordian. Eh? It seems the Huffsters has a fine look-alike in Luke Daniels - even down to the languid half-awake/sleep look. I can't seem to find a nice snap of Mr Daniels but, if you look on this snap you can see what the back of his alter ego looks like :-) And of course he is there above with his best Schlapp stance.

Needless to say the Voyages de Nuit concert was brill. Hear them sometime.

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Sarah said...

I can see the resemblance.....they were fantastic weren't they?!