Sunday, October 11, 2009

We had a visitation today. Totally unexpected but very pleasant all the same. Not long after returning from walking Ghriet on the road t'nowhere and previously, a fine 'brunch' [do we do brunch here???] wif the Smits, Toots Wilson and the Coelyns arrived. Great excuse for tea and biscuits and a chatette.

This was the second rather unexpected meeting this week since the local MP got to meet me whislt on my morning sunshine-bathed stroll in the week. Nice chap too - and he didn't do too bad at the difficult questions I asked him either. More of that another time - although I'm awaiting to hear his comments on the paper about Sustainable Economics I sent him.

Anyway, the snap shows Toots planning his next gig in the cafe at An Lanntair

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