Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Home sky

... I've been having [yet] another crisis of photographic confidence - rubbish results, terrible prints etc. As usual, I turned to my good pals on [i say 'pals' but to my knowledge I have only met one of them - they just seem pally sort of people and if you don't believe me, have a look for yourself.] and they soon came with many suggestions for freeing up the creative juices and it didn't take me long to selct one of them to try.
Today - when all seemed much better in the world anyway - I shot hither and thither on my various little outings in the great metropolis that is the Tolsta Head area of the Isle of Lewis & Harris. And I really enjoyed it too.


Aonghas said...

wow, that top one is very cool :)

Aonghas said...

btw i have just bought myself a pentacon six tl off ebay, i've been looking for an slr type camera that would shoot 120 film and that one fits the bill perfectly. have you ever come across it? do you know of any other cameras like it?

anyway, i'll find out what it's like after i shoot a few rolls with it... i'm getting more impatient by the day waiting for the postie.

i also recently got myself a yashica electro (hmmm... this ebay thing could turn out to be expensive.) i still haven't got anything developed from it, but i'll hopefully have some pictures next month.

:) x

Dominic Doherty said...

I love those - especially the first and third... love the sky in the first picture and the peaceful village in the last... great shots!

windy said...

'A crisis of photographic confidence'? I'm really inspired by your pics and excited by the different things you've taught me recently - especially the developing!

Another wonderful set of pics!