Thursday, November 12, 2009


While Eve & I were on the mainland we took a bus ride out to Cromarty - where it poured with rain. Still, I visited this place that I had seen in an image by Rob Archer over on FADU forum. Its about the only place in this wonderful village where you cannot see the oil rigs out in the bay. Apart from the pub that is - where we waited for an hour and half for soup! Still, we were entertained by the students on a field trip in there getting their din dins.

Another pinhole shot on the ferry. I took it, you see it!


Aonghas said...

aw yeah, love the ferry shot

i also went around the boat taking snaps with my yashica when i left, hope they come out as nice :)

btw i've just remembered i haven't given you my address if you still want to send me that lightmeter so i'll email it to you just now

John Hastings said...

Hey Andrea! Nice to see that pinhole photography is alive and well. Dare I ask, are these film based or digital (no screaming now)? There is a small circle of keen amateurs down in the CCS and I took most of the photo's our booklets. I would be happy to be guided by a wiser spirit, so might bore you with some of my "happy snaps". Let me know where I can send some low quality Jpegs or NEF files.
John Hastings, East Kilbride

Charlie Davidson said...

Good shot of little vennel and the Cromarty Rose - especially in black and white.

Thought you might like to know that the Cromarty Rose has now been sold and replaced by a new boat. See some more info on Cromarty here:

Andrea Ingram said...

Actually Charlie, its a shot on the ferry from our Island, The Isle of lewis !