Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tootless in An Lanntair

It should have been Coelyn-less in An Lanntair but that title doesn't really work. Anyway, this is Toots Wilson, town planner, photographer and musician. He'll be playing in the 1940s night in December run by .... not sure actually. But there will be 1940s music, food and no doubt 1940s jokes. Sounds like fun and it runs for one or two nights only. Not to be missed - apparently.

Toots and I plus the Coelyns usually meet here weekly in this bijou place for a spot of photographic related chatettes and drink coffee or green tea. The service is great, the ambiance superb, the staff lovely. Do we get discount now?
Toots in more relaxed mode. I rather think this composition has a touch of the Cartier-Bresson about it. See here perhaps.

For the technical minded, these snaps were taken with the Kiev rangefinder with Jupiter 12, foma400 rated at 1600 and developed in Rodinal 1;100 fo 1.5 hours. Can't be done - right?

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